our nations capital

i just took a trip to washington dc with my family and gramma. it was a blast except for it was super hot and humid. if you ever go there dont even worry about putting on make up or doing your hair beucase the make up will melt right off your face and your hair will go flat and wavy. anyways i got to go in mr. presidents house, it was quite a treat. i even got to knock on the presidents front door. how cool! i went to the capital building which was awesome and i saw just about every memorial you could think of. i saw george washingtons tomb i also took a tour through george washingtons house. i saw where abe lincoln was shot at the theatre. i also saw...

arlington cemetary
lincoln memorial
WWII memorial
korean war memorial
washington monument
thomas jefferson memorial
fords theatre
library of congress
national archives
all of the smithsonian museums
union station
the senate building
mt vernon

just to name a few... i had such a fun time and i loved the site seeing. washington dc is VERY crowded and everyone has road rage. it was the first time i had ever been in a taxi. it was super hot and miserable outside but it was a good time.
the white house was probably the coolest. the security there was insaine. police everywhere- they
lined the streets surrounding the white house. i got to see the secret service and i got to walk around inside the white house. people there were so up-tight. i could only imagine why.
here are a few pictures of my trip
washington monument
george washingtons tomb
president obama sat in this chair
abe lincoln
WWII memorial
center of washington dc. in the basement of the capitol building
the booth where abe lincoln was shot
arlington cemetary
steps of thomas jefferson memorial
family in front of abe
laying down at the base of washington monument
in front of the white house
the wright brothers plane. aka kitty hawk. yes its the original
george washingtons house . (before the white house was built)
behind the capitol building
george washingtons teeth. orginal.

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