national assoiation for stock car auto racing

yep nascar. people have different hobbies like dancing, singing, sports and what not. my hobby is nascar. people look at me and think "a girl like that is into nascar? no way."
your all wrong. i am a nascar fan. in fact, i own plenty of nascar stuff to proove it.
a nascar blanket
nascar shirt
nascar hoodie
2 hot wheels nascar cars
a sign that says "dale jr fan parking only, all violators will be towed"
a nascar sticker for the back of my phone
a collectors nascar watch.

soon to be added to my collection:
a pink dale jr hat
nascar pajama shorts

i also get nascar illustrated. I'm sure your thinking to yourself, "there is such a thing?" yes, i assure there is. now everyone thinks nascar is such a redneck hill billy gathering with people that have no teeth and live in trailers. NOT TRUE! i have all of my teeth, i live in a normal house and im getting an education. i know most people hate nascar and the only thing they can say about it is "nascar is so boring, alls they do is drive around in circles." that is the exact same thing i hear from every single person. lets be original. ive heard that same sentence at least 5000 times. people also say nascar isnt a sport, i beg to differ. people call motorcycle racing a sport and they drive around a track too. it might not be a perfect circle (nascars tracks arnt perfect circles either) but they still go around the same track over and over again. so why is it so different if they are driving cars and not motorcycles? nascar is a sport just like any other type of motor racing is a sport.

everyone asks me why i like nascar so much, and i have to blame my good friend josh for getting me hooked. back in the day (not so long ago) id go to josh's house with a bunch of other friends and we would all sit around the little tv with our walkers drinks in hand and watch the race. i actually hated nascar at first, i thought it was so boring. but once i started following a driver i was addicted. no one understands why i like it and im not sure i understand either but i love it. i love yelling at the tv and i love when there is a huge crash. its hard to explain the cool feeling you get when you see a stranger wearing the number of your favorite driver. sometimes when the race starts i get chills down my spine. I've never been to an actual race but i want to go so bad. ill either go to Vegas raceway in the near future or for my senior trip ill go to Charlotte North Carolina or Richmond Virginia. ive been watching nascar for a whole year now. every weekend i cant wait for that 4 hours of pure adrenaline to come on that tv. trust me, there is a whole lot more going on than just driving in circles. how about you try and change 4 tires in less than 13 seconds?

last year at school i did a report on nascar for english. the paper only had to be 4 pages long double spaced. mine was 12 pages with no double space. nascar is more than just a hobby to me, its a passion and i love every second of it. i used to be so clueless about nascar, i thought that there was nothing to it but driving. after a year ive learned every rule in the book and i promise you there is alot more to the sport than just driving a car. nascar actually has rules, funny huh? anyways i love nascar and maybe you should watch it this weekend and see what im talkin about!

dale earnhardt jr, hes my favorite driver.
#88. i pretty much love him.

kasey kahne. hes my 2nd favorite driver.
and hes super cute. #9

mark martin, hes the oldest driver in nascar right now.
hes such a sweetheart. #5


 jimmie johnson. your so cocky and take the fun
out of every race. fun sucker.

the busch brothers, kyle and kurt. i just dont like them.
they seriously get into fist fights like little boys on the field.

juan pablo montoya. rude and thinks hes all that.
when really he isnt that great.


i love nascar.
and dale jr.


chris said...

i cant belive u hate kyle busch!

melia said...

ha who is this? and im always going to hate kyle busch. such a cry baby.