number uno.

I am such a creep... I have been stalking peoples blogs for months now and I finally decided it was time to get my own. I honestly dont have a clue what im doing but ill give it a shot. Now, i know my profile isnt all cute like everyone elses but I promise ill change it as soon as I figure it out.
So this past weekend I was up to a whole lot of nothing. On saturday I went to an owlz game with Cason and his family. After the game they had fireworks, it was quite the show. Nothing like when the Pleasant Grove fireworks came shooting at the crowd but it was still fun. The best part of all was Dale Jr's NASCAR car sittin out front of the stadium. I literally screamed. Let me just tell you now, im a huge NASCAR fan. I ran right up to that car and gave it a hug.

me and cason at the owlz game.

thats my boy Dale's car.

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