you might be a redneck if..

welcome to the life of melia. i may or may not hang out with rednecks. ill let you decide..

shawn got his truck stuck in mud.
we probably visit, cal ranch, cabelas, IFA and watts once a day.
we pretty much drive around looking like this.
our jackets might blend in with the trees behind us and the truck.
we name our trucks redneck thunder, or cowboy cadillac. and enjoy every second of it
we ride fake deer like they are horses.
we wax this truck every day
we might draw nascar numbers on our hands
our pumpkins are carved with the number of our favorite nascar driver.
we may dress up like this at cabelas
i might wear cowboy boots with shorts. its okay.
we go four wheeling.
we might dress up like hunters on halloween and go trick or treating when were 16
we spend hours at walkers and then throw our drinks in the back of this truck
we came home to a car lot in our front yard.
called "critter auto sales"
we might go out west and ride japanese dirt bikes
we do have deer horns hanging from the trucker radio
the mud sled. what a treat.
welcome to critter auto sales. we came home to these
trucks in our yard. thanks wattie and jayden.
we talk to other people through the trucker radio
i might be a nascar fan.
the redneck life is the life for me!


cai.hay said...

Oh my heck.
My brother is Jaden Haynie.
And I assume wattie is really luke?
Oh heavens, they would do something like that.

melia said...

yes yes, wattie is really luke and i know your brother. i used to hang out with him a little bit before he left on his mission. hes a hilarious!