dads side of the family

im leaving to st george today with my daddy.
it will be a glorious weekend full of family fun.

me and my cousin kelby will probably go find some boys from dixie state.
maybe go hot tubbing at college boys house
maybe ride a six person bike down the hills in st george
maybe go disco bowling with josh and karissa
we will probably drive around late at night with college boys in the car
may just go swimming in the back yard
ill probably get sun burnt.
maybe we will go to the parade because kelby is first attendant to miss st george this year.
did i say we will be hanging out with lots of college boys?

I'm bummed chris and marta will not be there with their adorable baby eva. chris and marta are usually the ones that make my whole trip worth it. they are hilarious.
my dads side is disFUNctional to say the least.
no doubt about it this weekend will be a fun, very immature one knowing my dads side of the family.
we like dry humor and inappropriate jokes, which make me laugh.

kelby will probably have lots of stories to tell about her various boyfriends.

it will be a great weekend.


my dads side of the family.

oh and in case you are all wondering, my gary allan tickets arrived in the mail the other day. and i couldn't be more excited! 34 more days till the wildest night of my life!

its going to be insane

cya sunday!

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