death wish.

a death wish. that's what school is.
its a jail cell, i like to imagine.
forced to go there against our own will and we cant get out.
were locked in
its torture.
sitting through six hours of lectures
and immature girls and boys.
raging hormones and drama queens,
jocks and nerds, stoners and everything in between.
i absolutely hate school
and i don't even like the friend part.

to my dismay, school starts in 8 days.
its absolutely frightening.
where did summer go?
school is really a bummer. on the bright side Mr Sanderson is my math teacher again and hes my favorite. that class will be a real treat. I'm also a peer tutor, i love special needs people, they are also my favorite. and on top of that good news i am taking nursing classes at MATC, your looking at your next certified nurse assistant right here.

school, im ready to tackle you like a beast.

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