i have a stalker. maybe its not quite a stalker but its what me and Shannon like to call it. i wont say names but we will call him "Doug."  Doug is madly in love with me. like MADLY in love with me. the strange thing is, ive only met him twice. for less than a few hours at a time.
lets start from the beginning.
so i met this kid named Tyler, Tyler has a friend which is Doug.
me and Shannon went to go meet Tyler, and Tyler brought along his friend Doug.
the night went fairly well and we got along fine. i guess Doug was really into me and at the end of the night he asked for my number, theres no harm in that right? well i gave it to him and what a mistake that was. he hasn't left me alone for about the last month. he has been pestering me constantly to come and see him i usually come up with an excuse. but for some reason Doug wont give it up, you should read some of the texts he sends me, they are WAY over the top cheesy! he thinks were going to get married, yeah right. anyways today Doug bought me a present. (and keep in mind ive only met him twice) i was actually surprised that a guy would buy me something. i usually don't get presents from people unless its a special occasion but i was almost excited to be getting a random present from Doug. so i saw him tonight  so i could get my present...
low and behold.

he thinks i'm a cowgirl!

its bedazzled

genuine leather (:

ya know, it was real nice of him to think of something like that. and i really do appreciate it. but i think its a little odd how ive only met him twice and i hardly know him and hes already madly in love with me. and do be honest, im not that into him. hes a nice guy though and im really flattered that he did this.
that belt cost $85... or so he says.

who knows whats in store for me and Doug.

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