get out of my way, im royalty

just kidding, i really wasnt 2nd attendant. but my lovely cousin Kelby was. we got to ride around in a golf cart around the fair because royalty got a cart to drive. the washington county fair was a good time. i spent two straight days there. having your cousin being royalty really has its perks. lets recap the weekend.

i spent 18 hours at the fair
i saw many hot cowboys. in fact way to many for my health
i watched a hypnotist. it almost scared me
i didnt have to walk anywhere because we had a golf cart
i rode every single carnival ride at least twice.
kelby got over 500$ worth in carnival tickets.
i ate alot of greasy unhealthy food
i had a huge delicious drink called the texas twister
i went to a demolition derby
i sold things at my cousins karens booth
i sat alot.
it was super hot.
i drank 5 water bottles.
i saw clancy and chantel at the derby.

i almost didnt get into the derby because it was sold out. a sweet man sold us his tickets, we barely got in. it was so much fun. me and my cousin got a police officer to give us a ride across the fair grounds because we were to lazy to walk. we got everything for free because my cousin was royalty. i had a really good time. i spent the entire weekend with my dads family and i had a lot of fun. it was super hot though.

we really werent going that fast on the golf cart

barren wasteland dessert carnival


fair fun

with  my cousin kelby




over all it was a good long sun filled weekend.
and yes i am listening to the tarzan soundtrack on my computer right now.

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