a gift from god.

let me just tell you. i love special needs kids.
i am a peer tutor at our school, ive only been once but i absolutely love it in that class.
and ive already gotten to know the kids so well.
all of them are so sweet, they just barely met me but they treat me like their best friend.
they are all so happy to be there and to learn. they are so friendly.
i probably learn more from them, than they learn from me.
i absolutely love them and its only been a day.
ive always loved special needs kids though, i love when my ward goes to the mental hospital and takes them to church. they all have such sweet spirits. one of my best friends name is willy, hes handi capt too and hes amazing! i visit willy almost every day. ive always had a special place in my heart for these people. they are just so sweet.  

im going to love this class.
my favorite kids in that class are jordan and nathan.
jordan is a sweetheart. he is so nice and happy.
he always wants to talk to you.
he loves sports and baseball. when he gets older he wants to coach baseball.
he loves to participate and he loves to be with his friends. he also has a great sense of humor.
he really is the sweetest guy ever.

nathan can make me laugh my head off.
he is so smart, smarter than i am.
he could memorize the whole phone book if he wanted to.
he loves making new friends and he is so friendly! he is a great artist
and he is so much fun to be around!

trenton is great too, they are all great.
trenton doesnt talk much, but he loves my hair! he played with it all of class.
which makes me feel good (: he pretty much shook my hand the whole
class period. hes so friendly and curious to know whats going on around him!

i cant wait to get to know my new friends some more, they are all so great!


caihay said...

Oh, you've got it a3 right? i saw you walking them to lunch. i wanted to say hello, but then felt real creepy because well, we don't really know each other. i would just like to state that i love them as well. I have a cousin who is 9 days younger than me, and has down syndrome. She is amazing!

melia said...

yep ive got it A3! and im sorry i dont remember seeing you! i will most definatley say hi next time i see you, and dont worry your not creepy (: and i absolutely love special needs.