im in love

no im not in love with this weather, in fact i hate it. more than anything.
if there is one thing i hate, its cold weather. because first off im ALWAYS cold. not kidding you.
second of all, its just cold and it sucks. who wants to be cold?
if i could choose one season it would be summer because the hotter, the better. i love heat.
this has nothing to do with my post but i just thought id share.

but.. i am in love with my peer tutor class.
today, precisely, i fell in love. i realized i have a smile plastered on my face the entire period.
those kids are absolutely amazing.
it is definitely my favorite class of this year. the kids are so darn smart.
it hurts my feelings too, when they get made fun of.
they didnt choose to live this life, and they shouldnt be put down for that. they are people with feelings.
they are just as smart, as if not smarter than us. they were put in a different body for a reason.
god knows they are special. i know they are special too.
they were too special to be put in a normal body. i honestly feel the spirit in that room.
they are so sweet, so friendly and so happy.
and today, Trenton was being so nice to me. he made me feel real good about myself.
i love that class.

i really like it when grammy comes in the room and asks me,
"is something wrong? are you sure your stomach is the only thing bothering you?
because you dont seem very happy lately."
i say "no im fine."

ding ding ding. grandma hit the nail right on the head.
grandmas, so wonderful. but im never going to admit
anything is wrong. because they all know whats wrong.

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