mixed emotions.

you mind as well just call today "the good the bad, and the ugly"
i was in a strange mood all day.

the good
tomorrow i have my peer tutor class
i got two new shirts
spencer carpenter asked me to lunch tomorrow
i love how cailey comments on my blog & how
she makes an effort to say hello at school!
no homework

the bad
my b-days are super boring
willy has fallen off the face of the earth
im super tired
my face is dry.
school pictures went terribly wrong
we have spaghetti for dinner too much
dad is in disneyland right now without me.

the ugly
and hes only in provo.
when he goes on a mission in a few months im in deep trouble.
seriously who knew life without my brother would be so hard.
i woke up this morning and the first thing i thought was "that bedroom next to mine is empty."


Batash said...

seriously where is Willy?
He hasn't called me in a month.

melia said...

i know. i miss him! we think they might have put him in a care home because his mom has gotten to old to take care of him. and every time we go to his house hes not there... so i dont know.

Batash said...