mother nature, your crazy.

why is utah weather so bi polar? honestly.
it was pouring rain this morning, and thundering.
it was cold like fall weather. (blehh)
and then thirty minutes later its sunny and hot.

absolutely ridiculous.

anyways while it was pouring buckets i was driving.
i could have turned my car into a boat, probably.
i was driving with Angie like any two best friends would do.
 i couldn't see jack squat because of the rain so i was going pretty slow.
well not slow enough because we hit this huge puddle, which was totally camouflaged.
water washed over my poor jeep like a wave. i couldn't see a darned thing.
it was pretty much like going through a car wash, except we were moving.  
at this point we were both screaming like children. but thats okay.
just in case your wondering i did keep both hands on the wheel during this madness.
what seemed like 10 seconds later, i could finally see the road again.
well actually the first thing i saw was a dodge truck coming straight for us.
don't worry, i avoided that crash like a champ.
it was raining so hard it could of probably started a flash flood, too late, there was pretty much one in the road already.

lots of things were screamed
"stop the madness!"
"were going to die"
"drive through that puddle!"
"i cant see a dang thing"
none the less, that rain storm was epic. yes i did just use the word epic.
dont worry mom, im a great driver (:

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