oh the places you will go.

my history teacher asked our class a question the other day "if you could go anywhere in the US where would you go and why?" for some odd reason ive been thinking about this question over the last couple days and i keep adding more and more places to my list.

Charlotte, North Carolina- for the nascar race of course
Washington D.C.- i really loved it there
Ground Zero- just amazing, well its not amazing what happened there but im sure the feeling there is over-whelming.
Hawaii- who doesnt love a nice beach and perfect weather?
Alaska- i want to try fishing.
Daytona Beach, Florida- nascar.
Talladega, Alabama- yet again, nascar.
Texas- who doesn't love a hot cowboy and a good rodeo?
New York City- shopping spree!

if you could go anywhere in the U.S., where would you go and why?

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caihay said...

beaches, shopping, great food. and somehow it has the power to take all your worries away.