i am definitely leaving for st george tomorrow.
am i excited? yes.
i can not wait to get out of this city and get some fresh air. Ive had a long week.
im going to make a list of things that i like
because i like lists.

  • i like my cat
  • i like men with facial hair (not to much)
  • i like when i go to cabelas, reams and cal ranch all in the same day
  • i like when i buy a eight dollar shirt from reams
  •  i do like country boys. they are so nice and respectful.
  • i like day dreaming. i do it alot.
  • i like to day dream that im happy. because in reality im not.
  • i like sandwiches
  • i like new school clothes
  • i like that my brother is going to byu soon and hes going to get a life.
  • i DISLIKE that my brother is leaving me and i will be an only child.
  • i like earings
  • i like that school is going to start soon.

i like this picture



i wish i could nap like a cat.

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