the time has come

my one and only sibling is leaving for college on wednesday.
he is going to BYU for a few months and then hes going on a mission.
now im going to be stuck at home by myself with my parents, it was there great idea to only have two kids.
i get to be bored and home alone 80% of the time because both my parents work.
this is going to be real good.

i cant believe palmer is going to college. i mean he still plays video games all the time..
i wonder how hes going to survive. i dont think he even knows how to make something to eat.
i hope hes still alive in a few months.
me and palmer never talked growing up and we still dont talk. but hes my only sibling.
i will miss him.
i mean no one else will laugh when i make fun of mom and dad. i guess i just get to laugh at my own jokes. this is going to be weird without him here. i wont be hearing the sound of video games coming from the basement. or him humming his favorite tunes. there will be no more famous "brawl parties" at my house anymore. its going to be a house without nintendo, its going to be so weird.
my house will be quiet now to say the least.
now its just me and my kitty.

good luck at college palmer and im going to miss you!

good luck palms

on another note....
i love this thing.


caihay said...

Oh, I'm the youngest and my brother just recently left on his mission ( 76 days ago but who's counting?) and now i'm home alone with my parents all the time. I, too have to laugh at my own jokes. it's real lame. dinner is real quiet with just the 3 of us aroound the table...

melia said...

thats how its going to be at my house! just 3 of us... man its gunna be so quiet. and i love your brother! he is hilarious!