a whole lotta nothing.

thats basically whats happening with my life right now, absolutely nothing. besides sitting on the computer and texting thats about all i do. im almost relieved that school is here so i dont have to sit at home all day and be depressed about how boring my life is. well, most nights im out doing something fun, but the day time is absolutely dreadful. i have watched 5 seasons of the office this summer, no biggie. most nights i went fishing, or hung out with some boys. this summer ive had some pretty good laughs, most of them being over michael scott from the office. this summer was by far the worst summer ive ever had in my entire life. summer 09 could you please just come back? i did have some good memories though. i went on alot of family vacations, which was good but i didnt get enough of that partying and hanging out with my friends kinda memories. i didnt get to stay out late and have good laughs. i probably cried more this summer than i hung out. this summer was a bummer. hey that rhymed. but really this summer was mostly a blur i dont really remember what i did. heres some stuff i did.

arizona, nuff said.
ghost hunting
washington dc
girls camp.
lots and lots of trips to walmart
lots and lots of the office
getting my license
i turned 16, i did nothing for my birthday.

okay thats enough of me being a downer.

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