dew of the mountain

i found my dress for homecoming today.
yep you can clap for me its okay.
i saw three men wearing cowboy hats and wranglers at the mall. it made me smile.
next step is to look for shoes. so far no luck, i guess another day.
today is the day that i quit my mountain dew addiction.
lets just say that ive been grumpy and tired with a headache all day.
oh how i miss my afternoon dew and its only the first day.
but really i need to stop, my soda rate has gone up an insane amount lately. and i can tell that its really making me fatter. is fatter a word? well it is now. but really when i walk up the stairs im out of breath and i just feel gross and groggy all day. i drink way to much mountain dew and it stops today.
but i made a deal with myself and i can have mountain dew on weekeneds. maybe ill just have to limit it to one 32oz every weekend, but we will have to see about that one. so weekends are okay. but other than that im not going to go after 3rd period every day and get a delicious dew. this is going to be rough but im going to do it. im going to have to find other things to drink but i need something with carbination. my mom drinks these things called Izzys. they are pretty gross. its like drinking sparkling water, which i hate more than anything. oh well. i'll live.

nascar minute.
dale jr sucks at life right now. usually between us its a love hate relationship. other than dale sucking, kasey kahne is doing really great. he is so hot. good ol' kasey. one day he will win the championship and i'll cheer in my basement. also for my 17th birthday my mommy is taking me to a nascar race and im going to see the nascar hall of fame in charlotte north carolina. of course, she doesnt know that yet.


love done gone.

good news. i just found my theme song of my entire life.
this calls for a 2nd post in one night.

Don't worry, baby, sometimes things change
Nothin' we can do about it now, no way. This doesn't come easy, but that's just life.
We can't keep pretendin' everything's alright. We told each other it was love before,
the simple truth is it just ain't no more. The bells stop ringin', the music won't play.
The crazy little feelin' that's faded away.
Like snowflakes when the weather warms up.
Like leaves on the trees when the autumn comes.
Like the dogwood blossoms in a late spring rain.
All the disappearin' bubbles in a glass of champagne.
Like a red kite lost in a blue sky wind.
I don't know where the good times end when it ain't nothin' we ever said or ever did wrong.
It's just love done gone.
I don't regret a single thing that we did. Anytime together, we ever spent.
I wouldn't change a thing, baby, you know sometimes we gotta just go with the flow.
Like snowflakes when the weather warms up.
Like leaves on the trees when the autumn comes.
Like the dogwood blossoms in a late spring rain.
All the disappearin' bubbles in a glass of champagne.
Like money in a slot machine.
Don't know what happened to you and me. It ain't nothin' we ever said or ever did wrong
It's just love done gone.


in 1814, we took a little trip.

i should probably blog about something important.
sorry not happening
nothing in my life is really that amazing or spectacular.
you know those days where you just wanna scream and kick something really hard? today is one of those days. i really just wanna go kick a brick wall. but that would hurt my foot more than the wall so im not going too. today in mr. Caseys class we learned about the battle of new orleans. right when he said that a song popped into mine and angies head. its called "the battle of new orleans" by johnny horton. its an old country song and me and angie know every word. throughout the entire class it was stuck in my head. at the end of class casey said "hey guys i have a song to play for you". my heart basically stopped because i was really hoping that it would be that song i knew. well, what do ya know. it was that song. i freaked out and i yelled "I KNOW THIS SONG ITS ON MY IPOD!" me and angie sang every word of that song to our history class. everyone gave us such weird looks, but thats okay, if they were hicks too they would understand. while we were singing mr. Bayles looked back at us and said "whos singing?" me and angie raised our hands and then Bayles told us how awesome it was that we knew that old cowboy tune. but seriously, how could i not know that song? its only a classic. the whole class gave us weird looks.

oh how wonderful it is to be a redneck.

heres the song if you want to listen. its really old.
its actually quite a catchy tune.

"we fired our cannons till the barrel melted down so we grabbed an alligator and fought another round. we filled his head with cannon balls and powdered his behind, and when we touched the powder off the gator lost his mind."

can i get a yahooooo for 7 followers?



isnt this cute?

this is shannons cat. shes old as dirt, i kid you not.
shes like 18 years old in human age which makes her like 100 in cat years or something like that.
she looks pretty good dressed up in build-a-bear clothes.

today in church was the primary program, i thoroughly enjoyed sacrament meeting.


64 oz

why does del taco always sound delicious so late at night?
i dont have an answer for that but more than once i have gone on a
midnight taco run. i went on a taco run last night around 12:30 and it was
my whole night was spent driving around and sitting at walkers talking.
i dont know what it is about walkers either but it seems to attract
most of the population at night time.
(when i say walkers i mean the gas station wendy/walkers)
anyways im sure you guys have all driven past walkers at night and seen
all the trucks on the side. well that was me last night i was probably there for
two hours. it was quite a good time. i even saw shawny boy there and we stopped and talked for a minute.
and even more surprising, luke, of all people said hi to me.
after walkers we went to del taco and it made my whole day.

i dont know what is with me and hanging out at walkers but i sure love it.

oh and i drank 64 oz of mt dew yesterday. disgusting.



its time for a really nice long nap.
for some reason this week was longer than most.
im going to bed for now
but tonight ill probably be out partying on the town.


it just happened.

here i come!
got asked tonight by the lovely mitchell karr.

oh hey cat in the picture.

but im excited.
now its time for dress shopping.
me and angie will probably go tomorrow.
oh by the way, this is my first dance.

and in case your wondering what those boxes are on the poster, those are mini replicas of dale jr's car (aka my favorite nascar driver). if any boy wants to win my heart, thats how.

nascar minute
dale jr took 4th place on sunday.
atta boy! its about time you come in the top 5.


est 2007

i like this

it was exactly around this time of year
5 school years ago, when angela larsen passed me a note in band class.
all it said was "hey"
as i read it, i looked up and angie waved over for me to come sit by her.
thank goodness she did, because if she didnt we wouldnt be bessss franns.
i love that woman.
weve made alot of good memories, had alot of hard times and alot of good laughs.
infact to many laughs to remember.
but im glad i have her. no one has been there for me as much as she has.
i know i get really annoying always complaining to her about my guy troubles, but she always listens.
yeah we have our hard times but we always get through them.
i dont think being in the same band class in 7th grade was any coincidence.
angela larsen is the bees knees.

yeah, we go back.

love you angelica


fall time

today is a good day.
i am in a good/bitter-sweet/happy/remembering mood.
today i am thankful for:
fall leaves
mom & dad
cowboy boots
cute cowboys
mr. casey
angela larsen
young women leaders
country music
four wheelers
nice boys
fall time
the barnett family
carhartt jackets
my brother
gary allan
cowboy hats
happy couples

life is good, most days.


right where i need to be

my thursday night was great. most of you were sitting at home doing homework and going to bed at a decent hour. but no, not i. i was at the most amazing concert of my entire life. yes folks i went to the gary allan concert on thursday night. you guys probably have  NO idea who he is. but i do, hes my favorite country singer. and i had a blast thank you very much. it was crazy to say the least. there was quite a bit of alcohol there, it was kinda funny. me and angie were probably the youngest people there. pretty much every person i saw there had a glass in their hands. and once the party got started, more alcohol kept coming and coming. lets just say at the end people were kind of crazy. i thought it was hilarious. me and angie stood up and danced to every one of gary's songs. i belted every one of his songs at the top of my lungs. i felt like that concert was made just for me. gary played all my favorite songs. and the encore was probably the best, i went pretty wild on his encore because he was singing one of my most favorite songs! im so tired right now so sorry if im not making sense. anyways the concert was so amazing and i had such a good time. and my love for gary was renewed.


gary gary gary

oh tomorrow is going to be a good day.
1. mr caseys class

and thats it.

ive been counting down for this concert for 51
odd days or something.

and darn it all to heck its going to be fun.

oh and p.s. people in the school halls are so rude.
when people walk into your side and totally shoves you the other way
and dont even say sorry or excuse me really irk me.
and other kids that basically fall on you and knock you over and still dont say sorry?
so annoying.
where are peoples manners?


stop lights

as ive started to realize, i dont really have any good stories to tell on my blog. i mostly just ramble on about nothing and tid bits of my life. because thats how my life is, i dont sit around and do one thing for a few hours. i am constantly doing something different, on the move or on the run. you see, me and angie can not sit still for more than 15 minutes at a time. i kid you not. so i dont really ever have one story to tell, i have lots of little adventures to talk about. so ill just go ahead and tell you whats on the agenda for my life this week.
first thing first, tomorrow me and angela get to be graced with the presence of mr casey. oh he is fine.
second off, gary allan concert is on thursday. ive been counting down for months.
i went to walkers.... 3 times today. its an obsession. im sorry but thats where the hicks hang out.

oh yeah. i have some pretty crazy ghost stories to tell you, but thats for another post.
legit ghost stories that happened to ME in a real haunted place. makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

tonight me and dad watched episodes of ghost hunters. i really love that show.

today as me and angie were taking our normal joy ride in the car, some lovely fellow was talking to us while we were waiting at the stop light. i hate that. it gets awkward when you have nothing left to say and the light is still red. anyways this guy pulled up and hes like "hey ladies hows it goin" as im thinking to myself, wow you are really pathetic. if you want to win my heart you gotta say something like "hey y'all. you two cuties are looking mighty fine tonight." not really but my dream guy would say something along those lines. (im kidding im not that big of a hick) then he proceeded to ask us how old we were. we said sixteen. he said "oh dang, if you guys were two years older i would have asked you for your number." then things got awkward and i couldnt help but laugh.

stupid boys. where are the cowboys?

OH and i still have not been asked to homecoming, now theres a shocker.


read this.

the curious incident of the dog in the night time.


im just going to ramble.

news flash. if any of you havent noticed its freezing cold outside. all summer long i slept with one sheet and one blanket covering me. last night i slept with one sheet and TWO blankets. unbelievable. oh and to make things worse mom started putting up the fall decorations in the house. id rather not think about the changing leaf colors and the fact that halloween and thanksgiving are right around the corner. where has time gone? oh yeah, right down the drain because i have done nothing with my life for the last 8 months.  

another news flash.
that thing right there, is a container of heaven. i promise you will eat the whole thing.
probably my new favorite ice cream flavor. get some.

oh yeah and i know 4 caseys. they are all super hot.
lets name them?
kasey kahne
casey eaton
casey farnsworth
casey carlson.
we should probably keep that on the down low though.

oh, good news. tonight i saw spencer carpenter. he is great.
we go way back. i met him in 8th grade spanish. i became best friends with him during 9th grade summer and maybe i did like him for a while there. now i see him every so often and you know what? that kid will always have a place in my heart. hes one of my guy friends that ive known the longest. what a funny kid. i have some of the best memories with him. wanna know what else is cool? me and him have the same birthday. the only person ive ever met with my birthday.

OKAY to more important things...
its time for the nascar minute.
today, was the race. the last race untill "the chase" that is.
im sure none of you know what the chase is. ill explain.
all season long drivers try to earn as much points as they can. they earn points depending on what place they come in during each race. the top 12 drivers that have the most points compete in this thing known as the chase. "the chase" consists of 12 races. those 12 drivers compete in these 12 races. so when the chase begins, these 12 drivers are the only ones that are qualified to win the sprint cup. AKA the championship.
so over the next 10 weeks, the 12 drivers are going to drive as hard as they can because guess what?
in 10 weeks nascar 2010 season is over. boo ):
the reason why i brought this whole chase thing up is because my favorite driver, dale jr, did not make it into the chase. in other words, he didnt have enough points to be in the top 12.

basically, dale jr's shot at winning the championship this year is over.


i took that picture. im not in that photography class at the high school either.

i need to shut up so goodnight.


hello mr casey

oh my crap. im starting to talk like ms. stanton.
good news everyone, mr casey farnsworth is probably the hottest thing ever.
i think all the girls of pleasant grove high agree.
he said i could call him casey. or dad. or farndog. how cool.
so yesterday i saw casey at sonic. i almost said hi.
mr casey talked to me today in class. he asked me what my plans were for the weekend,
and then he asked me how old i was.... um?
oh yeah. he almost took a sip of my drink, almost.
casey is a hick. he told me. but he doesnt like country music... how dumb.
casey is so mysterious. he defiantly plays hard to get. i cant seem to figure him out.
he was totally flirting with me and angie today.
and oh my heck his smile makes me faint.
on the other hand, he is a definite player. he said he had a girlfriend in spain and he 
visited her for a week? who does that? oh yeah casey does because he can.

even cooler, he actually went to pleasant grove high. and he was on the basketball team.
im sure he was the star player.
he drives a ford, he said there was a gun rack in it but when me and angie looked
there was no gun rack.
he is all talk. i dont like that.

me and casey are going to get to know each other real good over the next 3 months.
probably on a first name basis.

maybe im in love with the hottest student teacher ever.


Elder Clegg

Elder Palmer Clegg will be serving in the Bolivia, Santa Cruz Mission. He will leave for the MTC on Wednesday January, 5th 2011. He is serving in a spanish speaking mission.
He is going to serve for 24 months.

congrats palmer, i love you and im so proud of you!

thank you half of pleasant grove city for showing up at my house to support my brother.

you guys are going to have to turn up your speakers, the sound is really quiet.

just some of the cars that came to my house

palmer and everyone cheering when he read his call

right after he got his call.
i love the smile on dads face. hes the one holding up the phone

awww mom and palmer

i couldnt be more proud of him

congrats palmer.

good stuff

i love this thing. ever since palmer left for college shes been the only one to talk to at home.
aint she cute? even when shes licking the toilet?
shes not even a year old yet. i love her.
i tell her my secrets and she always keeps them!
were best buddies. she even licks my feet and fingers clean when they are a little dirty.
awww what a cutie pie.

on an even better note than this, my brother got his mission call today.
we havent opened it yet but we will later tonight. i will tell you where
hes going when i find out. i dont know if i should be excited or happy.



Dear, person who i'm not going to title this letter to.

some days i want to crawl under a rock and hide.
but not today, im not giving up.
not today, not ever.
im hanging on with the last ounce of hope. but im not going to give
up because every thread in my body wants this.
ive came way to far and worked way to hard,
ive cried too many tears and stayed up too many nights.
ive been sad to much and mad too often.
ive been to hell and back.
and im not giving up after all of that.
im just going to fight harder until i get there.
you can tell me that its not good for me and that its the wrong choice.
but i know better than anyone else what i want.
im not giving up, dang it.
if it makes me happy then im going to get it.
dont tell me other wise. its what I want.
im the one that has to die when its my time to die
so let me live my life how i want to live it.

it makes me happy and that should be enough.

love, melia.



today i acted like a little kid, and loved every minute of it.
it was a perfect day for a little walk and a little laughter.

on another note, its suppost to be really cold tomorrow.


pink one with sprinkles

doughnuts. they are my guilty pleasure.
nothing makes me happier than when the hot light is on at krispy kremes.
once i went on a midnight run to get doughnuts. i ate three of them just on the way home.
call me a pig, thats okay i will still love them.
anyways me and angie had an itchin for some doughnuts yesterday.
boy did my appetite get ruined after what i saw in the doughnut section at walmart.
so here i am way excited to get a doughnut for 58 cents. me and angie were standing there
trying to decide which kind would be the best. while we had our heads poked in those little doors
we saw some little bugs flying around... as if that wasnt gross enough.
me and angie looked up and inside the doughnut case was a huge bug trap.
it was one of those sticky ones that the bugs get stuck to. it was FULL of bugs.
right then i put the doughnut back down and puked in my mouth. i did not want it anymore!
then a walmart worker walked by and i turned to angie and said really loud so she could hear me,
"THAT IS DISGUSTING!" the walmart worker definitely heard me.
me and angie walked away almost in tears. i was so bummed, i was looking forward to that doughnut so much.
now i know i could just go buy a doughnut from walkers but really who wants those crappy dried out things.
needless to say, i got no doughnut yesterday.

so i guess angie went back to walmart today and looked at the doughnuts
and i guess my complaint was heard because there was no more fly trap in the doughnut case.

end of story, im never buying doughnuts from walmart again.


i honestly cant write. and i dont think i ever will be able to.
there is nothing i hate more than grammar and punctuation.
the school system has failed me and ive managed to learn nothing in the
last 3 years of english. and its not my fault, my teachers were horrible.
i dont know why i even keep a blog but its the only way i get my feelings out which is always the best therapy.
over the last seven or so months ive learned to keep my feelings inside, and ive learned to keep a pretty good smile on my face. im just getting new to this whole "writing is a way of expressing" thing. i mean i like blogging. i do it because i can say whatever i want. its also great for releasing feelings. if my blog posts sound mad its probably because i was mad the time i wrote it. i love blogging because when im in a bad mood i feel like i can let all of it go through writing. some people listen to music, others go on walks. i like to write, i only discovered this a few weeks ago. and since ive been bottling EVERYTHING up the last while, ive only just began to let it go. i know people say its un-healthy to keep your feelings inside, and they are right. ive done way to much damage to myself and im just barely starting the long road to recovery. heavens no, i wont be better for a long, long time. and nor am i forgetting or letting go of my past. im just getting my feelings out that ive held for so long. im sorry if my blog sounds depressing, but i need do to this. so if you'd like you can bear with me on this rocky road but im not going to be all flowers and butterflies on my blog. but im not going to be depressing or whiny all the time either. just some days (;


bear with me.

My friends say they’re proud of me for taking our breakup so casually.
But they don’t see what lies beneath my smile. It appears that i’m okay.
And i moved on when you walked away, but the truth is since you said goodbye...

i’m invisibly shaken, and quietly breaking. Desperately taking one breath at a time.
Beneath this composure i know it’s over. Baby i’m dying cause you can’t be mine.
But i will never show the toll it’s taking, cause i’m invisibly shaken.

i dont know what my problem is.