64 oz

why does del taco always sound delicious so late at night?
i dont have an answer for that but more than once i have gone on a
midnight taco run. i went on a taco run last night around 12:30 and it was
my whole night was spent driving around and sitting at walkers talking.
i dont know what it is about walkers either but it seems to attract
most of the population at night time.
(when i say walkers i mean the gas station wendy/walkers)
anyways im sure you guys have all driven past walkers at night and seen
all the trucks on the side. well that was me last night i was probably there for
two hours. it was quite a good time. i even saw shawny boy there and we stopped and talked for a minute.
and even more surprising, luke, of all people said hi to me.
after walkers we went to del taco and it made my whole day.

i dont know what is with me and hanging out at walkers but i sure love it.

oh and i drank 64 oz of mt dew yesterday. disgusting.

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court said...

64 oz of mt dew is far from disgusting.