i honestly cant write. and i dont think i ever will be able to.
there is nothing i hate more than grammar and punctuation.
the school system has failed me and ive managed to learn nothing in the
last 3 years of english. and its not my fault, my teachers were horrible.
i dont know why i even keep a blog but its the only way i get my feelings out which is always the best therapy.
over the last seven or so months ive learned to keep my feelings inside, and ive learned to keep a pretty good smile on my face. im just getting new to this whole "writing is a way of expressing" thing. i mean i like blogging. i do it because i can say whatever i want. its also great for releasing feelings. if my blog posts sound mad its probably because i was mad the time i wrote it. i love blogging because when im in a bad mood i feel like i can let all of it go through writing. some people listen to music, others go on walks. i like to write, i only discovered this a few weeks ago. and since ive been bottling EVERYTHING up the last while, ive only just began to let it go. i know people say its un-healthy to keep your feelings inside, and they are right. ive done way to much damage to myself and im just barely starting the long road to recovery. heavens no, i wont be better for a long, long time. and nor am i forgetting or letting go of my past. im just getting my feelings out that ive held for so long. im sorry if my blog sounds depressing, but i need do to this. so if you'd like you can bear with me on this rocky road but im not going to be all flowers and butterflies on my blog. but im not going to be depressing or whiny all the time either. just some days (;

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Batash said...

I like you. And this. That's how I feel about my blog too.