Dear, person who i'm not going to title this letter to.

some days i want to crawl under a rock and hide.
but not today, im not giving up.
not today, not ever.
im hanging on with the last ounce of hope. but im not going to give
up because every thread in my body wants this.
ive came way to far and worked way to hard,
ive cried too many tears and stayed up too many nights.
ive been sad to much and mad too often.
ive been to hell and back.
and im not giving up after all of that.
im just going to fight harder until i get there.
you can tell me that its not good for me and that its the wrong choice.
but i know better than anyone else what i want.
im not giving up, dang it.
if it makes me happy then im going to get it.
dont tell me other wise. its what I want.
im the one that has to die when its my time to die
so let me live my life how i want to live it.

it makes me happy and that should be enough.

love, melia.

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