dew of the mountain

i found my dress for homecoming today.
yep you can clap for me its okay.
i saw three men wearing cowboy hats and wranglers at the mall. it made me smile.
next step is to look for shoes. so far no luck, i guess another day.
today is the day that i quit my mountain dew addiction.
lets just say that ive been grumpy and tired with a headache all day.
oh how i miss my afternoon dew and its only the first day.
but really i need to stop, my soda rate has gone up an insane amount lately. and i can tell that its really making me fatter. is fatter a word? well it is now. but really when i walk up the stairs im out of breath and i just feel gross and groggy all day. i drink way to much mountain dew and it stops today.
but i made a deal with myself and i can have mountain dew on weekeneds. maybe ill just have to limit it to one 32oz every weekend, but we will have to see about that one. so weekends are okay. but other than that im not going to go after 3rd period every day and get a delicious dew. this is going to be rough but im going to do it. im going to have to find other things to drink but i need something with carbination. my mom drinks these things called Izzys. they are pretty gross. its like drinking sparkling water, which i hate more than anything. oh well. i'll live.

nascar minute.
dale jr sucks at life right now. usually between us its a love hate relationship. other than dale sucking, kasey kahne is doing really great. he is so hot. good ol' kasey. one day he will win the championship and i'll cheer in my basement. also for my 17th birthday my mommy is taking me to a nascar race and im going to see the nascar hall of fame in charlotte north carolina. of course, she doesnt know that yet.

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court said...

i have this same addiction.
i think they need a dewers anonymous or rehab.