est 2007

i like this

it was exactly around this time of year
5 school years ago, when angela larsen passed me a note in band class.
all it said was "hey"
as i read it, i looked up and angie waved over for me to come sit by her.
thank goodness she did, because if she didnt we wouldnt be bessss franns.
i love that woman.
weve made alot of good memories, had alot of hard times and alot of good laughs.
infact to many laughs to remember.
but im glad i have her. no one has been there for me as much as she has.
i know i get really annoying always complaining to her about my guy troubles, but she always listens.
yeah we have our hard times but we always get through them.
i dont think being in the same band class in 7th grade was any coincidence.
angela larsen is the bees knees.

yeah, we go back.

love you angelica


blondie7820 said...

im thinking the second picture down has to be the best one on there hahah (: i bust up laughing nice little pop eye! definately a keeper!

melia said...

my foot was broken when we took those pictures haha oh man oh man.