hello mr casey

oh my crap. im starting to talk like ms. stanton.
good news everyone, mr casey farnsworth is probably the hottest thing ever.
i think all the girls of pleasant grove high agree.
he said i could call him casey. or dad. or farndog. how cool.
so yesterday i saw casey at sonic. i almost said hi.
mr casey talked to me today in class. he asked me what my plans were for the weekend,
and then he asked me how old i was.... um?
oh yeah. he almost took a sip of my drink, almost.
casey is a hick. he told me. but he doesnt like country music... how dumb.
casey is so mysterious. he defiantly plays hard to get. i cant seem to figure him out.
he was totally flirting with me and angie today.
and oh my heck his smile makes me faint.
on the other hand, he is a definite player. he said he had a girlfriend in spain and he 
visited her for a week? who does that? oh yeah casey does because he can.

even cooler, he actually went to pleasant grove high. and he was on the basketball team.
im sure he was the star player.
he drives a ford, he said there was a gun rack in it but when me and angie looked
there was no gun rack.
he is all talk. i dont like that.

me and casey are going to get to know each other real good over the next 3 months.
probably on a first name basis.

maybe im in love with the hottest student teacher ever.

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mardiiiii said...

ha what does he student teach for?
i know him.
he is mighty fine.
oh baby.