im just going to ramble.

news flash. if any of you havent noticed its freezing cold outside. all summer long i slept with one sheet and one blanket covering me. last night i slept with one sheet and TWO blankets. unbelievable. oh and to make things worse mom started putting up the fall decorations in the house. id rather not think about the changing leaf colors and the fact that halloween and thanksgiving are right around the corner. where has time gone? oh yeah, right down the drain because i have done nothing with my life for the last 8 months.  

another news flash.
that thing right there, is a container of heaven. i promise you will eat the whole thing.
probably my new favorite ice cream flavor. get some.

oh yeah and i know 4 caseys. they are all super hot.
lets name them?
kasey kahne
casey eaton
casey farnsworth
casey carlson.
we should probably keep that on the down low though.

oh, good news. tonight i saw spencer carpenter. he is great.
we go way back. i met him in 8th grade spanish. i became best friends with him during 9th grade summer and maybe i did like him for a while there. now i see him every so often and you know what? that kid will always have a place in my heart. hes one of my guy friends that ive known the longest. what a funny kid. i have some of the best memories with him. wanna know what else is cool? me and him have the same birthday. the only person ive ever met with my birthday.

OKAY to more important things...
its time for the nascar minute.
today, was the race. the last race untill "the chase" that is.
im sure none of you know what the chase is. ill explain.
all season long drivers try to earn as much points as they can. they earn points depending on what place they come in during each race. the top 12 drivers that have the most points compete in this thing known as the chase. "the chase" consists of 12 races. those 12 drivers compete in these 12 races. so when the chase begins, these 12 drivers are the only ones that are qualified to win the sprint cup. AKA the championship.
so over the next 10 weeks, the 12 drivers are going to drive as hard as they can because guess what?
in 10 weeks nascar 2010 season is over. boo ):
the reason why i brought this whole chase thing up is because my favorite driver, dale jr, did not make it into the chase. in other words, he didnt have enough points to be in the top 12.

basically, dale jr's shot at winning the championship this year is over.


i took that picture. im not in that photography class at the high school either.

i need to shut up so goodnight.

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