in 1814, we took a little trip.

i should probably blog about something important.
sorry not happening
nothing in my life is really that amazing or spectacular.
you know those days where you just wanna scream and kick something really hard? today is one of those days. i really just wanna go kick a brick wall. but that would hurt my foot more than the wall so im not going too. today in mr. Caseys class we learned about the battle of new orleans. right when he said that a song popped into mine and angies head. its called "the battle of new orleans" by johnny horton. its an old country song and me and angie know every word. throughout the entire class it was stuck in my head. at the end of class casey said "hey guys i have a song to play for you". my heart basically stopped because i was really hoping that it would be that song i knew. well, what do ya know. it was that song. i freaked out and i yelled "I KNOW THIS SONG ITS ON MY IPOD!" me and angie sang every word of that song to our history class. everyone gave us such weird looks, but thats okay, if they were hicks too they would understand. while we were singing mr. Bayles looked back at us and said "whos singing?" me and angie raised our hands and then Bayles told us how awesome it was that we knew that old cowboy tune. but seriously, how could i not know that song? its only a classic. the whole class gave us weird looks.

oh how wonderful it is to be a redneck.

heres the song if you want to listen. its really old.
its actually quite a catchy tune.

"we fired our cannons till the barrel melted down so we grabbed an alligator and fought another round. we filled his head with cannon balls and powdered his behind, and when we touched the powder off the gator lost his mind."

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