pink one with sprinkles

doughnuts. they are my guilty pleasure.
nothing makes me happier than when the hot light is on at krispy kremes.
once i went on a midnight run to get doughnuts. i ate three of them just on the way home.
call me a pig, thats okay i will still love them.
anyways me and angie had an itchin for some doughnuts yesterday.
boy did my appetite get ruined after what i saw in the doughnut section at walmart.
so here i am way excited to get a doughnut for 58 cents. me and angie were standing there
trying to decide which kind would be the best. while we had our heads poked in those little doors
we saw some little bugs flying around... as if that wasnt gross enough.
me and angie looked up and inside the doughnut case was a huge bug trap.
it was one of those sticky ones that the bugs get stuck to. it was FULL of bugs.
right then i put the doughnut back down and puked in my mouth. i did not want it anymore!
then a walmart worker walked by and i turned to angie and said really loud so she could hear me,
"THAT IS DISGUSTING!" the walmart worker definitely heard me.
me and angie walked away almost in tears. i was so bummed, i was looking forward to that doughnut so much.
now i know i could just go buy a doughnut from walkers but really who wants those crappy dried out things.
needless to say, i got no doughnut yesterday.

so i guess angie went back to walmart today and looked at the doughnuts
and i guess my complaint was heard because there was no more fly trap in the doughnut case.

end of story, im never buying doughnuts from walmart again.

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