right where i need to be

my thursday night was great. most of you were sitting at home doing homework and going to bed at a decent hour. but no, not i. i was at the most amazing concert of my entire life. yes folks i went to the gary allan concert on thursday night. you guys probably have  NO idea who he is. but i do, hes my favorite country singer. and i had a blast thank you very much. it was crazy to say the least. there was quite a bit of alcohol there, it was kinda funny. me and angie were probably the youngest people there. pretty much every person i saw there had a glass in their hands. and once the party got started, more alcohol kept coming and coming. lets just say at the end people were kind of crazy. i thought it was hilarious. me and angie stood up and danced to every one of gary's songs. i belted every one of his songs at the top of my lungs. i felt like that concert was made just for me. gary played all my favorite songs. and the encore was probably the best, i went pretty wild on his encore because he was singing one of my most favorite songs! im so tired right now so sorry if im not making sense. anyways the concert was so amazing and i had such a good time. and my love for gary was renewed.

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