stop lights

as ive started to realize, i dont really have any good stories to tell on my blog. i mostly just ramble on about nothing and tid bits of my life. because thats how my life is, i dont sit around and do one thing for a few hours. i am constantly doing something different, on the move or on the run. you see, me and angie can not sit still for more than 15 minutes at a time. i kid you not. so i dont really ever have one story to tell, i have lots of little adventures to talk about. so ill just go ahead and tell you whats on the agenda for my life this week.
first thing first, tomorrow me and angela get to be graced with the presence of mr casey. oh he is fine.
second off, gary allan concert is on thursday. ive been counting down for months.
i went to walkers.... 3 times today. its an obsession. im sorry but thats where the hicks hang out.

oh yeah. i have some pretty crazy ghost stories to tell you, but thats for another post.
legit ghost stories that happened to ME in a real haunted place. makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

tonight me and dad watched episodes of ghost hunters. i really love that show.

today as me and angie were taking our normal joy ride in the car, some lovely fellow was talking to us while we were waiting at the stop light. i hate that. it gets awkward when you have nothing left to say and the light is still red. anyways this guy pulled up and hes like "hey ladies hows it goin" as im thinking to myself, wow you are really pathetic. if you want to win my heart you gotta say something like "hey y'all. you two cuties are looking mighty fine tonight." not really but my dream guy would say something along those lines. (im kidding im not that big of a hick) then he proceeded to ask us how old we were. we said sixteen. he said "oh dang, if you guys were two years older i would have asked you for your number." then things got awkward and i couldnt help but laugh.

stupid boys. where are the cowboys?

OH and i still have not been asked to homecoming, now theres a shocker.

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