est. 1994

i feel like none of you know me.
lets start shall we?
well for beginners my  name is melia elise clegg. and i hate my middle name.
ive lived in utah my whole entire life.
i have one sibling, my older brother palmer. hes 19.
he was born in hawaii, i wasnt.
i love the summer. i hate the winter
i hate the cold, but im always cold.
i love the beach more than anything and i love disneyland
ive had seasons passes to disneyland 3 times.
california is my home away from home and i hope to live there this summer with my aunt.
my country friends nick named me "miss california"
im an outdoors girl with a beach bum twist.
my  nick names range from little country, to miss california to melia tortilla.
mountain dew and water are my favorite drinks.
i try to be funny, im sarcastic and i love to make people laugh.
most of the time it works.
i have no luck when it comes to boys. they seem to like my friends more than me.
my two  best friends are angie larsen and shannon harris.
i have loved one boy in my life. josh barnett.
me and angie dated whats known as "the barnett brothers" yes me and my best friend dated brothers.
i love to surf, boogie board and skim board.
i hate scary things, but i love scary movies.
i do believe in ghosts.
ive been to the bahamas and washington d.c.
ive met the real actors from harry potter. ive got autographs too.
ive been to three concerts, relient k, owl city and gary allan.
i love nascar and my favorite driver is dale jr.
i used to hate the outdoors, country music and nascar.
now i live & breathe the outdoors. its my life.
i own one pair of cowboy boots that cost over 100 dollars.
my ipod is purple and over 1,000 songs on it are country.
my favorite kind of truck is a dodge.
i dont like liars or cheaters.
im an honest, up front person.
im more mature than most people my age and i like it that way.
age is just a number.
ive had stitches on my chin and ive fallen on the treadmill.
my birthday is june 4th and ive blown out sixteen candles
i find joy in the smaller things in life. im optimistic and i look at the bright side.
i guess you could say you knew alot about me now, but i beg to differ. this is actually 
just the beginning.

happy halloween.

is it just me or has no one been updating their blogs lately. oh well its okay. so my computer is still broken so i hacked onto my brothers computer. i don't really have a clue when my computer is going to be fixed or how often ill be blogging. last night was super fun. me, shannon, sam, todd and mckay all dressed up like characters from peter pan.
todd as peter pan
sam was wendy
shannon was captain hook
melia was smee
mckay was a lost boy

and we looked pretty good i gotta say.
except  nothing tops last years Halloween. it was the best ever, spending halloween with the barnett brothers last year was probably the funniest thing that ever happend to me. oh well this year was good too.
anyways back to this years Halloween.
todd was peterpan and he was even complete with fairy dust. we went into walmart to get some junk food and everywhere we went he would throw fairy dust in the air and say "TO NEVERLAND!" everyone looked at us so weird. but i thought it was funny. after a good game of Marco Polo in walmart we decided to leave. we went back to Shannon's house and watched scary movies all night and ate lots and lots of unhealthy food. it was one in the morning and me and shannon decided we needed a mountain dew. so we went to walkers. shannon went in barefoot and i went in with my sweats on and my cowboy boots. everyone looked at us so weird, i just laughed. ya know i think that's the best way to live life. when people look at you weird, or make fun of you for something your doing i think you need to laugh it off. because if it makes you happy then it doesn't matter what other people think.
anyways my weekend was so good.
now im going to watch michael scott and dwight schrute. 
lets get a hoorah for 70 posts and 8 followers.



scary stuff

alright alright alright. tonight i went on kind of my first official "date." except it was a blind date. except we weren't paired off but for some reason me and this kid named chase were on a "date". man oh man he was freaking cute. we went to nightmare on 13th and of course i acted super scared so i could get a chance to get close to him. he smelt so darn good. anyways it was a really fun night and after nightmare on 13th we went to JCW's to get some delicious burgers. all in all it was a great night.
in the pictures i show you my date was the first one on the left.
you should definatley click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see his face.
he should be a model. 
yes my date is the one in the white shirt and leather jacket.
what a babe.
it was fun.


Well crap.

Aw shucks guys. My computer has been infected with a disease so we have to take it to the doctors to get it fixed. So as of right now I'm not going to be on the internet for a bit. Right now I'm typing this on an itouch and it's a real pain in my bahookie. Anywho tomorrow I'm going to nightmare on 13th and I'm already scared. We will see how that goes. Well I'm gunna go carve a punkin. Peace and blessins, peace and blessins.



don't you fret, a post is coming soon on my
terrifying adventure in the canyon. i just have to
muster up the courage to tell that tale again.
soon enough.

i went to the morning side this morning. t'was good.
except for i didn't like the fact that i woke up at 5 to a blizzard
and 2 inches of snow on the ground. walking in high heels all day is
not fun, i have about 4 blisters now. walking in high heels in the snow
is not fun either. oh well i learned my lesson. 
i seriously despise the snow. i hate it. and my opinion will never change.

ya know i really love daylight doughnuts. number one they are always so nice
and friendly and there is always that old grammy working there.
number two their doughnuts are delicious. and number three, for some reason
they always give you an extra doughnut for free, which i think is so great.


daylight doughnuts

ive read three blogs about doughnuts tonight so id just like to say,
i love doughnuts. so much.
tomorrow morning at six AM im going to get daylight doughnuts.
wanna know why? because im getting up at FIVE AM to go to the morning side.
anyone else going? i think you all should it'll be great.
you know all the planets and stars are aligned when i get out of bed
before six thirty.

y'all better thank your lucky stars that im alive today.
i did almost die and that is no joke.
lesson learned: do not drive up the canyon when
there is un-plowed snow on the road.
oh my good lands, today was scary.
i'll need to save this story for another post.

but i better see you guys bright n' early tomorrow at the morning side. 


wise words from gary allan

"I wish for just one minute
I could see your pretty face.
Guess I can dream, but life don't work that way.
But the struggles makes me stronger
And the changes make me wiser.
And happiness has it's own way of takin' its sweet time.
No, life aint always beautiful
But I know I'll be fine.
Hey, life aint always beautiful
But its a beautiful ride."

aint that the truth?

today i miss josh.
like i said, im movin slowly, but im movin on.


picture this

please, for just a second, picture this with me.
first of all, i know most of you dont like country, but for this you just need to listen.
listen to this song. its bueno.
now imagine,
sitting next to the love of your life
(a cowboy) driving up the canyon in his truck, with the
leaf colors changing with the windows down and the cool crisp air is coming through the windows
 while you let your hair loose. this song is playing on the stereo
as loud as it can go, and just singing your heart out while your
holding the hand of your prince charming.
maybe your even wearing his jacket.

the picture might be a little different to you, but thats how it is for me. becuase i love anything country and the outdoors. i also love that song and i love dean brody's angel-like voice.

oooh my gosh. 

wrangler butts drive me nutts!


i just need to take a friggin' break from my homework. i have a huge project to do for english its worth about 4328904823904892304823 points so ive been working on it all day so i get a good score. and plus im listening to my music which probably doesnt help with getting anything done. plus im talking on facebook wich doesnt help either.
i love my young womens. you know that? i really do. we dont call our leaders with all that "sister" crap. we call them on a first name basis! we go over to our leaders houses and just hang out for fun. when were bored we call up our leaders and go to their houses. i look forward to girls camp all year round because our ward is serously the most fun. we have so many inside jokes with our leaders, except half of them cant be repeated because they are not apropriate. whoops. no one in our stake can take our ward seriously, and you know what? im perfectly fine with that because we have more fun. i love my leaders so much, especially my laurel leaders. they are the absolute best. every year at girls camp all the laurels sit around the fire with the leaders untill 3 or 4 in the morning. and we talk about everything under the sun. to our first kiss, to heart break, to our worst fears & most embarassing moment. i look to my leaders like a 2nd mom. especially shauna and jeanette.

"the president" is what we call her. when we need her attention, we yell president and she turns right around. she always says stuff like "get out of my way im the president." sometimes shauna acts like shes queen, and the queen gets what she wants. shauna loves her laurels so much and i can tell by the way she talks to us and about us. shes over the laurels, mia-maids and beehives, but she loves her laurels the most. she is always so worried about us and whats going on in our lifes. she loves to talk with us about absolutely anything. shauna is so real and down to earth. me and the laurels have one favorite inside joke with shauna but i cant repeat that on blogger. im laughing just typing about it. oh jeez, sometimes i wonder about the president. she has the cutest little kids. shauna is willing to do anything for the young women. she loves us like her own kids.
"jap slap"
yes, my president is partially japenese. we are so racist. the term "jap slap" actually came from another leader. were so nice to each other, cant you tell?

jeanette is my other laurel leader. and she is so funny. sometimes she acts like one of us girls, but thats okay we still accept her. sometimes i call up jeanette when shes not at young womens to see where shes at. oh yes, i have every one of my leaders numbers in my phone. and yes, we do text all the time. she is so sweet, and cares about everyone. jeanette and her husband joe, make my heart melt. jeanette is so in love with joe. they were married and sealed in the temple only 10 years ago. she still acts as if they are newly weds, and i absolutely love it. they are so cute together. it gives me hope that i wont grow old and wrinkly and not have a cute fairy tale story with my husband. because jeanette does have a fairy tale story. i can tell when she talks about "her sweet joe" that she is in love like it was just yesterday they were married. it is so sweet. joe treats her like a princess and i hope my husband does that one day too. i love jeanette.

my laurel leaders are like best friends to me.
and i think everyone else in laurels would agree.
we always have the best times together. i know girls camp
is a long ways away, but im already counting down.
laurels is one big party. with a little bit of the gospel on the side.



i should probably just carry around an extra pair of undies in my purse from now on.
i saw paranormal activity 2 last night, and what a mistake that was.
i almost wet my pants, more than once. but thankfully i didnt really.
that movie is by far the scariest movie ive ever seen. shocking really.
the entire movie my legs were up on the seat and i was covering my eyes most of the time. this movie made me jump out of my skin about 6 times. after something scary happened my jaw would drop and it probably stayed like that for a good ten seconds afterwords. luckily i didnt scream but i did gasp a few times. i dont really remember what happened in the end because i had my eyes glued shut, but whatever happened it was terrifying. oh fyi dont name your first born male hunter, it doesnt bring anything good. anyways if your looking for high thrill suspense terror movies i would defiantly put that movie in your number one spot.
im still waiting for those blasted family pictures to get here. im really anxious because they are so good.
oh good news. im going to california for christmas.
woo woo!
tonight im going to lehi.
to rope things.
in a barn.
it should be interesting.


palm tree!

happy birthday, to my one and only big brother palmer.
big 19!

some things i like about palmer.
he is the only one that laughs at my jokes.
when i make fun of mom or dad, he laughs.
he is my ride buddy at disneyland.
i love when hes trying not to laugh and his shoulders just shrug up and down.
i love his laugh. you should hear it, its pretty funny.
he taught me the tricks, cheats & short cuts to every nintendo game.
he has a nintendo party at my house every once in a while
he has nice hair.
he is blunt and strait foward.
he is going on a mission in a few months.
he is very good at snowboarding and skateboarding
he makes his own longboards from scratch
he dated eva the chezch.
"for eva and eva"

well i love you brother.  

day brightener

im a little bit over due for  blogging. i guess its about time i talk about something. today seminary was good. it was way good. do you wanna know why? its because we talked about handicapt kids and why they are so special. i was fighting back tears in my eyes the entire period. i love my peer tutor class more than anything, its by far my favorite class. only if everyone knew how amazing special needs kids are. it basically feels like someone is stabbing my heart when people say "look at that retard" or any other rude demeaning names. peer tutor is defiantly the greatest ever. i feel bad for the people that look at handicapt kids and are scared by them. i feel bad for the people that wont talk, walk near or look at handicapt kids because they sure are missing out. today in seminary brother ellison explained that special needs kids are the ones that fought the hardest during the war in heaven. i can only imagine. as i walked into peer tutor, i had a greater respect for them than i already had before. today i sat by jordan, he looked at me and he stared at me for a good 10 seconds. i smiled at him, a little confused to why he was looking at me for so long. then he said, "melia, you have the prettiest eyes i have ever seen." then i told him how thankful i was and i told him that he was so nice. and he said "no, thank you. your so nice to me. thank you for helping me." i honestly was trying not to cry, as if i wasnt emotional enough from seminary, i just about lost it right then. it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to me. no crush, boy, or boyfriend had ever said anything that had made me smile as much as that did. oh how i am thankful for the kids in that class. maybe the medical field isnt for me, maybe its working with special needs.
this is what made me smile in peer tutor today.
trent's smile
brittany's dimples
mckenna's laugh
jordan's compliment & laugh
jared saying "no way jose" over and over
rileigh's sweet personality and teaching me sign language
mo's jokes
jullian's hand shake and smile

today i learned how to count to 20 in sign language
and how to sign best friend. which then trent
came up to me and signed best friend to me.
i love them.


fall break

lets recap
bonfire every night this weekend
saw turbo & hobbit twice
avoided vince and tyler all weekend
drank over 64 oz of mt dew
a stranger bought me a drink
went to walmart 6 times
watched two seasons of the office
watched 2 movies
ate lots of stuffing
ran into my ex
took 0 pictures
went to the donkersgoeds
had a ghostly experience
wasted almost a whole tank of gas
saw my brother
went out to dinner
saw a play
police. 'nuff said.

paranormal activity

shannons house is haunted, its a true story.
as me and her were watching the office in the basement
the basement door came open, all by its self.
i watched with my own two eyes.
i also heard with my own two ears.
i promise the door was shut nice n' tight because i kicked the door with my foot to make sure it clicked shut, because me and shannon are OCD about having that basement door shut when we are down there.
mind you me and shannon were the only ones home.
anyways the door came open, it didnt swing open but just opened nice and easy, probably open about a foot.
my heart stopped beating basically. i looked at shannon and i said "did you just see that"
and there was probably no blood in shannons face.
okay lets back track for a minute. before the door came open by its self me and shannon were in the middle of watching an episode of the office. as me and shannon were watching the tv it all the sudden turned off. no, the power did not go out. me and shannon tried to turn it back on multiple times. the light would flash to tell us that it was turning back on, but a picture never came on the screen. so fast forward again to when the door came open. it was freaky because the tv just magically stopped and then while we were trying to fix the tv the door came open by its self.
no doubt that me and shannon went up stairs after that.
anyways i got a call from shannon about an hour ago saying that her, her mom and bishop were eating dinner and while they were eating they heard someone humming from the basement. and my bishop is not a liar, so i darn well believe that there was some humming in that basement.
lets just say im totally creeped and i'll probably never go in the basement again.


dream wedding.

every girl dreams of her wedding. thats right, i do too.
shoot me for having a feminine side. its hard to see one under
these cowboy boots i wear.
anyways i have yet to find the perfect wedding dress, even though in my mind i know exactly what i want. my wedding dress WILL have pockets. and a ribbon/bow around my waste. i love wedding dresses. my favorite tv show is say yes to the dress on TLC. but like i said, my wedding dress will have pockets.
my wedding will most defiantly be in the summer. unless its in the fall, but if it was in the fall id have to plan around hunting season because you can bet your bottom i will be marrying a cowboy. we also have to plan around daytona 500 but thats okay. we can work with that. 
anyways back to what i was saying. my wedding will most likely be in the summer. but if i marry a cowboy (wich i will) we will probably end up having it in the fall. because that is such a cowboy thing.
i have yet to choose which colors i want, because there is just so many to choose from!
ill be getting married in the timpanogas temple... maybe the st george one.
my wedding reception will be held in a barn type thing. but a nice barn. not an animal barn. there is one over in lindon called wadley farms or something like that... thats where im going to have my reception.
 my reception is held here.
im going to have a chocolate fountain and a candy bar. the food is going to be suprime.
there will be country music playing the entire time and im going to dance with my dad to the tune of "my little girl by tim mcgraw"
i'll probably dance with my cowboy to the tune of "fall by clay walker" or "right where i need to be by gary allan"
after the slow stuff is out of the way were going to have some good ol country dancing. of course we will play the song boot scoot boogie.
i am most defiantly going to shove the cake in my husbands face.
oh and the best part of all is that im going to be wearing cowboy boots under my dress.
and my cowboy will be wearing boots and a hat at the reception.

p.s. your all invited.

p.s.s. this post is so random because i have nothing better to write about because its fall break so nothing is going on in my life right now.



today in peer tutor we made something called a "joy list." just a list of all the things that make you happy.
here are a few of mine.
hot chocolate
4 wheeling
cell phone
cowboy boots
wrangler bums
funny jokes
special needs
my cat
star gazing
dodge trucks
nail polish
my brother
cowboy hats
the beach
the outdoors



ill get around to blogging at some point...ive been kinda busy.
tonight im going to the humanitarian center in salt lake.
my young womens/ young mens goes once a year.
and hands down, its my favorite activity.
tonight is going to be a good night. 

oh and p.s. like the general authorities teach us,
"your doing better than you think you are."



well ill just start out by saying that homecoming was a blast.
i had more fun on the day date than the actual dance though. i tried mexican hot chocolate for the first time from kneaders and i suggest all of you go buy one tomorrow. almost changed my life. everyone looked so pretty at the dance. and id just like to give a shout out to cailey because i absolutely loved her hair. i dont know about you but i think she can really pull off short hair. and i just thought her hair looked super cute last night. well im probably getting pretty creepy now. so for my day date we rode the lift up at sundance and we had a picnic up at the top of the mountain. we were all getting ready to take a bite of our subway sandwiches when abby said "guys arnt we going to pray?" i think we stopped breathing once she said that and things got a little awkward. then she started laughing and shes like guys im just kidding. what a sigh of relief. i didnt really want to pray with a group of friends over lunch. but then i started thinking... why would it be awkward to pray for lunch with a group of your friends. i mean they were all mormon anyways. after i thought about it i decided it wasnt really awkward that she asked, it just caught me off guard because i dont think any of us really pray when were eating with friends. maybe you do, but i know i dont. anyways that was just a funny part of my day.
after the day date i went home and got all ready, thank you mom for all the help.
mitch picked me up at six thirty and i must say he looked dashing.
after all the picture nonsense we drove to a restaurant in river woods called la jolla groves. lets just say its probably one of the nicest restaurants ive been too. i was seriously blown away. the boys in my group really did a good job at trying to impress us girls, and they did.
after the dance, (which wasnt amazing) we went to yogurt bliss right by maceys and then went to redbox to get a movie. we rented the movie called date night and i laughed really hard. its probably because i was really tired when we were watching it so everything was funny to me. i ended my night at 1:30 am and i had a great night.
thank you mitch.

oh p.s. the highlight of my whole entire weekend was dancing with some of the kids from my peer tutor class at the dance. when i saw trenton in his suit, it honestly brought tears to my eyes. that kid is so adorable. i danced with rileigh, jordan, trent, and nathan. seeing them so happy, made me so happy. those kids are so cute. they have honestly changed my life.


blah blah blah

i am so lame. ill be the first to admit.
here i am, friday night, homecoming game, sitting at home.
and incase your wondering, im not going to the game.
all my friends, well i guess i shouldnt say all because i dont have that many.
they are being lame and not hanging out with me.
oh well i cant blame them.
bad news, the boy i speak of in older posts has a new girlfriend.
i do not a approve. one bit.
so i was just thinking, the cool word to use on blogs now is
"er'y" as in the word every. which i completley do not understand.
because when we are actually speaking to someone we do not say the word "er'y"
im pretty sure we pronounce it every. so im just confused to why its so much harder
to type to more letters. dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with saying er'y but
i just dont understand.
tomorrow is homecoming. oh jeeze it should be a real treat.
for our day date we are going up to sundance and riding the lift and eating
lunch up there. it should be cold. maybe ill have a good time. i ordered pink heels to go with my dress and i must say that they look extremely adorable with my dress.
ya know ive been really angry the last couple of days, mostly with one person in particular. i already spoke of him earlier in this post. he is such a back stabber i swear. i need to find me a nice sweet cowboy. i have a feeling it wont be hapening any time soon because they are NO cowboys at the highschool. oh well i'll find one at college. i hope youve noticed that im just rambling on... i do this alot.
today i got my family pictures taken. it was weird, the photogropher made me hug my brother for the first time in my entire life. yeah ill repeat that. the first time ive hugged my brother in my entire life. weve just never had that sort of relationship. but i gotta say the pictures are so amazing and i cant wait to show everyone. here is our photographers link, check her out because she is absolutley amazing. she travels all over the world to take peoples pictures.
ill be seriously mad if you dont click that link, her pictures blow me away.
im so happy she took my pictures. they are going to turn out so good.
i seriously sit here on her site for hours at a time and just watch the slide show of her photos.

im going to go feel sorry for myself this friday night
and watch a movie and some tv.
maybe my daddy will take me out for ice cream because he loves me.



fall always brings back bittersweet memories for me, but i think this fall is going to be harder for me than the ones in my past.
four years ago during fall i was going through my first real break up with a boy whom i thought i loved. but thats silly because i was far to young to be in love. well i guess your never to young to love but now that i look back it wasnt love. anyways i was quite miserable that fall and quite frankly i never want to re live that. but im afriad as this fall season rolls around again that im going to be re-living those sad feelings. except with this fall its a different boy, a different family, and different friends.
last fall was the most wondeful fall of my life. as one year has passed by and its that time of year again, i cant help but feel sad because things are not the same. trust me its for the better but im still sad because im going to be missing out on all the festivities with those people. i always dread fall. for some reason its just the heart breaking season for me. fall brings winter, and last winter was by far the hardest and lonliest time of my entire life. so today as i felt the cold wind for the first time i couldnt help but feel bad for myself. it brings back so many memories and i cant help but miss the fall i was in love. fall is such an amazing time, the leaves, the crisp air, the clothes, the hot chocolate and pumpkins. thanksgiving, and corn mazes and cookies baking. beef stew and scary movies. haunted houses, chainsaws, and warm clothes. but this fall, im dreading.
last fall/winter i,
went trick-or-treating in alpine
went to corn bellies twice.
got lost in a corn maze for hours
cheated in a corn maze
got chased by a chainsaw
watched scary movies in a blanket
was worm and cozy
carved pumpkins
helped donna cook stew
ate stew
hung out on christmas day
had a snowball fight
camp fires
exchanged christmas gifts
ate lots of stuffing
watched santa clause is coming to town
did doughnuts in church parking lots
watched nascar.
stayed up late talking underneath blankets by the glow of the lamp.
made cookies
many, many drives up the canyon
rode 4 wheelers
played in the snow

and you know what. i miss it.
this fall season brings love in the air for me.
of course there is really no love in the air, but there was last year.
it makes me sad that things changed, its for the better, but i miss it this fall.

im going to be depressed.
ive had a love/hate relationship with fall for many years.
but this fall is going to be the hardest one yet.
notice the colors of the leaves?

trick or treating in the barnetts camo

carving pumpkins.

oh fall 09 please come back to me.


moving on.

this weekend was a good one i must say.
i had two bon fires and i made alot of new friends.
ya know, ive realized that things happen in the past so better things can happen in the future. 8 months ago i was a total mess. and i honestly thought my life was going to stay like that forever. and now i look back and im glad it happened because ive grown so much. i look back now and i cant even believe the way i acted and the way i handled the situation i was in. now i can look at that situation with an outside view and i am so thankful god made me go through that trial. im so thankful that he made me go through that because if i didnt, i never would of realized what a bad person that guy is. yes this trial does have to do with a boy, but it wasnt your normal break-up. only a few people really know what happened but most of you didnt even know i was in a relationship. anyways 8 months ago i was so blind. i thought everything about him was so perfect and that we would be happy forever. how pathetic of me. once my parents put an end to my friendship with him i literally broke down. he had been my best friend for so long and we talked about everything under the sun. i didnt go to school for days and i didnt talk to my parents for about a month. i was battling depression and i honestly didnt want to wake up in the morning. i didnt know what i was going to do with myself without that boy in my life. now 8 months later i look back and i am SO thankful my parents and god put an end to it. he isnt a good guy, hes been making bad choices for a while now and is no longer a member of the church. some days i miss him and i want to talk to him and i still think about him sometimes. a piece of my heart still loves him but i know that things will never be the same between us. im glad trials happen and i know they happen for a reason. i still struggle some days to be happy about all of this. but its days like this when i hear gods right hand men speak to me and i know things are going to turn out okay. hopefully things with that boy turn out okay too, he will always have a special place in my heart but for now, i just hope he starts on a better path to life and starts making better choices. i wish him the best of luck where ever he goes in life.
and as for me, i know my life is looking up.
who knows, maybe one day our paths will cross again.


hiking in the dark

im in love with dean brodys voice, you should listen to it sometime. it sounds like an angels. so perfect and just so amazing i cant describe it.
last night was quite the party i must say. i hiked to the water falls in the dark, i sat at the top of the water falls edge, and i must say, i say i was super scared. but you always feel more safe when you have a cute cowboy there next to you to catch you if your about to fall of the edge of a cliff (; it was a new and thrilling experience for me. to sit at the edge of this cliff and watch the water fall down and hear it splash at the bottom was amazing. and in the dark made it even better. it was so windy and i got sprayed with mist from the water but i just had the biggest smile on my face. for some reason it felt amazing. it was like for 10 minutes i just forgot about all my problems and drama and i was just free. it sounds cheesy but its true. but it is scary up there, ill admit. after hiking to the falls we got a group of us and we went over to a kids house and we had a big bon fire. it was pretty great. we had lots of candy and i couldnt stop myself from eating it all night. we threw m&m's into each others mouths from across the fire. it was pretty funny to watch people tip over in their chairs back words trying to catch the m&m in their mouth. i made some new friends and i had some good laughs. i even got to ride in this cute kids dodge truck. and you should all know that dodge is my favorite. and i was reminded once again that country boys always do it better. they always have better ideas, they are more fun and thrilling. they are the nicest, and they act like gentlemen whether they know you or not. there is no doubt that one day i will marry a country boy. and our wedding will not be in the fall because as we all know, thats hunting season.
im glad last night happened, i love new experiences and making new friends.