blah blah blah

i am so lame. ill be the first to admit.
here i am, friday night, homecoming game, sitting at home.
and incase your wondering, im not going to the game.
all my friends, well i guess i shouldnt say all because i dont have that many.
they are being lame and not hanging out with me.
oh well i cant blame them.
bad news, the boy i speak of in older posts has a new girlfriend.
i do not a approve. one bit.
so i was just thinking, the cool word to use on blogs now is
"er'y" as in the word every. which i completley do not understand.
because when we are actually speaking to someone we do not say the word "er'y"
im pretty sure we pronounce it every. so im just confused to why its so much harder
to type to more letters. dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with saying er'y but
i just dont understand.
tomorrow is homecoming. oh jeeze it should be a real treat.
for our day date we are going up to sundance and riding the lift and eating
lunch up there. it should be cold. maybe ill have a good time. i ordered pink heels to go with my dress and i must say that they look extremely adorable with my dress.
ya know ive been really angry the last couple of days, mostly with one person in particular. i already spoke of him earlier in this post. he is such a back stabber i swear. i need to find me a nice sweet cowboy. i have a feeling it wont be hapening any time soon because they are NO cowboys at the highschool. oh well i'll find one at college. i hope youve noticed that im just rambling on... i do this alot.
today i got my family pictures taken. it was weird, the photogropher made me hug my brother for the first time in my entire life. yeah ill repeat that. the first time ive hugged my brother in my entire life. weve just never had that sort of relationship. but i gotta say the pictures are so amazing and i cant wait to show everyone. here is our photographers link, check her out because she is absolutley amazing. she travels all over the world to take peoples pictures.
ill be seriously mad if you dont click that link, her pictures blow me away.
im so happy she took my pictures. they are going to turn out so good.
i seriously sit here on her site for hours at a time and just watch the slide show of her photos.

im going to go feel sorry for myself this friday night
and watch a movie and some tv.
maybe my daddy will take me out for ice cream because he loves me.


Batash said...

Well the thing about Er'y (because I use it) is I actually do say that in real life. Thanks to Glozelle. Go watch her vids on the tube. You'll understand.
Plus my vocabulary is just severly out of whack sometimes.

Anonymous said...

yep. PG slang is getting kinda wacked thanks to glozelle... so yep e'ry is a part of my vocabulary too (:

caihay said...

oh i ery all the time.