day brightener

im a little bit over due for  blogging. i guess its about time i talk about something. today seminary was good. it was way good. do you wanna know why? its because we talked about handicapt kids and why they are so special. i was fighting back tears in my eyes the entire period. i love my peer tutor class more than anything, its by far my favorite class. only if everyone knew how amazing special needs kids are. it basically feels like someone is stabbing my heart when people say "look at that retard" or any other rude demeaning names. peer tutor is defiantly the greatest ever. i feel bad for the people that look at handicapt kids and are scared by them. i feel bad for the people that wont talk, walk near or look at handicapt kids because they sure are missing out. today in seminary brother ellison explained that special needs kids are the ones that fought the hardest during the war in heaven. i can only imagine. as i walked into peer tutor, i had a greater respect for them than i already had before. today i sat by jordan, he looked at me and he stared at me for a good 10 seconds. i smiled at him, a little confused to why he was looking at me for so long. then he said, "melia, you have the prettiest eyes i have ever seen." then i told him how thankful i was and i told him that he was so nice. and he said "no, thank you. your so nice to me. thank you for helping me." i honestly was trying not to cry, as if i wasnt emotional enough from seminary, i just about lost it right then. it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to me. no crush, boy, or boyfriend had ever said anything that had made me smile as much as that did. oh how i am thankful for the kids in that class. maybe the medical field isnt for me, maybe its working with special needs.
this is what made me smile in peer tutor today.
trent's smile
brittany's dimples
mckenna's laugh
jordan's compliment & laugh
jared saying "no way jose" over and over
rileigh's sweet personality and teaching me sign language
mo's jokes
jullian's hand shake and smile

today i learned how to count to 20 in sign language
and how to sign best friend. which then trent
came up to me and signed best friend to me.
i love them.

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