daylight doughnuts

ive read three blogs about doughnuts tonight so id just like to say,
i love doughnuts. so much.
tomorrow morning at six AM im going to get daylight doughnuts.
wanna know why? because im getting up at FIVE AM to go to the morning side.
anyone else going? i think you all should it'll be great.
you know all the planets and stars are aligned when i get out of bed
before six thirty.

y'all better thank your lucky stars that im alive today.
i did almost die and that is no joke.
lesson learned: do not drive up the canyon when
there is un-plowed snow on the road.
oh my good lands, today was scary.
i'll need to save this story for another post.

but i better see you guys bright n' early tomorrow at the morning side. 

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