i should probably just carry around an extra pair of undies in my purse from now on.
i saw paranormal activity 2 last night, and what a mistake that was.
i almost wet my pants, more than once. but thankfully i didnt really.
that movie is by far the scariest movie ive ever seen. shocking really.
the entire movie my legs were up on the seat and i was covering my eyes most of the time. this movie made me jump out of my skin about 6 times. after something scary happened my jaw would drop and it probably stayed like that for a good ten seconds afterwords. luckily i didnt scream but i did gasp a few times. i dont really remember what happened in the end because i had my eyes glued shut, but whatever happened it was terrifying. oh fyi dont name your first born male hunter, it doesnt bring anything good. anyways if your looking for high thrill suspense terror movies i would defiantly put that movie in your number one spot.
im still waiting for those blasted family pictures to get here. im really anxious because they are so good.
oh good news. im going to california for christmas.
woo woo!
tonight im going to lehi.
to rope things.
in a barn.
it should be interesting.

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