don't you fret, a post is coming soon on my
terrifying adventure in the canyon. i just have to
muster up the courage to tell that tale again.
soon enough.

i went to the morning side this morning. t'was good.
except for i didn't like the fact that i woke up at 5 to a blizzard
and 2 inches of snow on the ground. walking in high heels all day is
not fun, i have about 4 blisters now. walking in high heels in the snow
is not fun either. oh well i learned my lesson. 
i seriously despise the snow. i hate it. and my opinion will never change.

ya know i really love daylight doughnuts. number one they are always so nice
and friendly and there is always that old grammy working there.
number two their doughnuts are delicious. and number three, for some reason
they always give you an extra doughnut for free, which i think is so great.

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