dream wedding.

every girl dreams of her wedding. thats right, i do too.
shoot me for having a feminine side. its hard to see one under
these cowboy boots i wear.
anyways i have yet to find the perfect wedding dress, even though in my mind i know exactly what i want. my wedding dress WILL have pockets. and a ribbon/bow around my waste. i love wedding dresses. my favorite tv show is say yes to the dress on TLC. but like i said, my wedding dress will have pockets.
my wedding will most defiantly be in the summer. unless its in the fall, but if it was in the fall id have to plan around hunting season because you can bet your bottom i will be marrying a cowboy. we also have to plan around daytona 500 but thats okay. we can work with that. 
anyways back to what i was saying. my wedding will most likely be in the summer. but if i marry a cowboy (wich i will) we will probably end up having it in the fall. because that is such a cowboy thing.
i have yet to choose which colors i want, because there is just so many to choose from!
ill be getting married in the timpanogas temple... maybe the st george one.
my wedding reception will be held in a barn type thing. but a nice barn. not an animal barn. there is one over in lindon called wadley farms or something like that... thats where im going to have my reception.
 my reception is held here.
im going to have a chocolate fountain and a candy bar. the food is going to be suprime.
there will be country music playing the entire time and im going to dance with my dad to the tune of "my little girl by tim mcgraw"
i'll probably dance with my cowboy to the tune of "fall by clay walker" or "right where i need to be by gary allan"
after the slow stuff is out of the way were going to have some good ol country dancing. of course we will play the song boot scoot boogie.
i am most defiantly going to shove the cake in my husbands face.
oh and the best part of all is that im going to be wearing cowboy boots under my dress.
and my cowboy will be wearing boots and a hat at the reception.

p.s. your all invited.

p.s.s. this post is so random because i have nothing better to write about because its fall break so nothing is going on in my life right now.

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Batash said...

If you do get married somewhere soon in the future and do that, let me take your pictures. I would die. I love the whole cowboy thing for pics. AND the cowboy boot idea with a dress takes the cake.