est. 1994

i feel like none of you know me.
lets start shall we?
well for beginners my  name is melia elise clegg. and i hate my middle name.
ive lived in utah my whole entire life.
i have one sibling, my older brother palmer. hes 19.
he was born in hawaii, i wasnt.
i love the summer. i hate the winter
i hate the cold, but im always cold.
i love the beach more than anything and i love disneyland
ive had seasons passes to disneyland 3 times.
california is my home away from home and i hope to live there this summer with my aunt.
my country friends nick named me "miss california"
im an outdoors girl with a beach bum twist.
my  nick names range from little country, to miss california to melia tortilla.
mountain dew and water are my favorite drinks.
i try to be funny, im sarcastic and i love to make people laugh.
most of the time it works.
i have no luck when it comes to boys. they seem to like my friends more than me.
my two  best friends are angie larsen and shannon harris.
i have loved one boy in my life. josh barnett.
me and angie dated whats known as "the barnett brothers" yes me and my best friend dated brothers.
i love to surf, boogie board and skim board.
i hate scary things, but i love scary movies.
i do believe in ghosts.
ive been to the bahamas and washington d.c.
ive met the real actors from harry potter. ive got autographs too.
ive been to three concerts, relient k, owl city and gary allan.
i love nascar and my favorite driver is dale jr.
i used to hate the outdoors, country music and nascar.
now i live & breathe the outdoors. its my life.
i own one pair of cowboy boots that cost over 100 dollars.
my ipod is purple and over 1,000 songs on it are country.
my favorite kind of truck is a dodge.
i dont like liars or cheaters.
im an honest, up front person.
im more mature than most people my age and i like it that way.
age is just a number.
ive had stitches on my chin and ive fallen on the treadmill.
my birthday is june 4th and ive blown out sixteen candles
i find joy in the smaller things in life. im optimistic and i look at the bright side.
i guess you could say you knew alot about me now, but i beg to differ. this is actually 
just the beginning.

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