happy halloween.

is it just me or has no one been updating their blogs lately. oh well its okay. so my computer is still broken so i hacked onto my brothers computer. i don't really have a clue when my computer is going to be fixed or how often ill be blogging. last night was super fun. me, shannon, sam, todd and mckay all dressed up like characters from peter pan.
todd as peter pan
sam was wendy
shannon was captain hook
melia was smee
mckay was a lost boy

and we looked pretty good i gotta say.
except  nothing tops last years Halloween. it was the best ever, spending halloween with the barnett brothers last year was probably the funniest thing that ever happend to me. oh well this year was good too.
anyways back to this years Halloween.
todd was peterpan and he was even complete with fairy dust. we went into walmart to get some junk food and everywhere we went he would throw fairy dust in the air and say "TO NEVERLAND!" everyone looked at us so weird. but i thought it was funny. after a good game of Marco Polo in walmart we decided to leave. we went back to Shannon's house and watched scary movies all night and ate lots and lots of unhealthy food. it was one in the morning and me and shannon decided we needed a mountain dew. so we went to walkers. shannon went in barefoot and i went in with my sweats on and my cowboy boots. everyone looked at us so weird, i just laughed. ya know i think that's the best way to live life. when people look at you weird, or make fun of you for something your doing i think you need to laugh it off. because if it makes you happy then it doesn't matter what other people think.
anyways my weekend was so good.
now im going to watch michael scott and dwight schrute. 
lets get a hoorah for 70 posts and 8 followers.


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