hiking in the dark

im in love with dean brodys voice, you should listen to it sometime. it sounds like an angels. so perfect and just so amazing i cant describe it.
last night was quite the party i must say. i hiked to the water falls in the dark, i sat at the top of the water falls edge, and i must say, i say i was super scared. but you always feel more safe when you have a cute cowboy there next to you to catch you if your about to fall of the edge of a cliff (; it was a new and thrilling experience for me. to sit at the edge of this cliff and watch the water fall down and hear it splash at the bottom was amazing. and in the dark made it even better. it was so windy and i got sprayed with mist from the water but i just had the biggest smile on my face. for some reason it felt amazing. it was like for 10 minutes i just forgot about all my problems and drama and i was just free. it sounds cheesy but its true. but it is scary up there, ill admit. after hiking to the falls we got a group of us and we went over to a kids house and we had a big bon fire. it was pretty great. we had lots of candy and i couldnt stop myself from eating it all night. we threw m&m's into each others mouths from across the fire. it was pretty funny to watch people tip over in their chairs back words trying to catch the m&m in their mouth. i made some new friends and i had some good laughs. i even got to ride in this cute kids dodge truck. and you should all know that dodge is my favorite. and i was reminded once again that country boys always do it better. they always have better ideas, they are more fun and thrilling. they are the nicest, and they act like gentlemen whether they know you or not. there is no doubt that one day i will marry a country boy. and our wedding will not be in the fall because as we all know, thats hunting season.
im glad last night happened, i love new experiences and making new friends.

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