well ill just start out by saying that homecoming was a blast.
i had more fun on the day date than the actual dance though. i tried mexican hot chocolate for the first time from kneaders and i suggest all of you go buy one tomorrow. almost changed my life. everyone looked so pretty at the dance. and id just like to give a shout out to cailey because i absolutely loved her hair. i dont know about you but i think she can really pull off short hair. and i just thought her hair looked super cute last night. well im probably getting pretty creepy now. so for my day date we rode the lift up at sundance and we had a picnic up at the top of the mountain. we were all getting ready to take a bite of our subway sandwiches when abby said "guys arnt we going to pray?" i think we stopped breathing once she said that and things got a little awkward. then she started laughing and shes like guys im just kidding. what a sigh of relief. i didnt really want to pray with a group of friends over lunch. but then i started thinking... why would it be awkward to pray for lunch with a group of your friends. i mean they were all mormon anyways. after i thought about it i decided it wasnt really awkward that she asked, it just caught me off guard because i dont think any of us really pray when were eating with friends. maybe you do, but i know i dont. anyways that was just a funny part of my day.
after the day date i went home and got all ready, thank you mom for all the help.
mitch picked me up at six thirty and i must say he looked dashing.
after all the picture nonsense we drove to a restaurant in river woods called la jolla groves. lets just say its probably one of the nicest restaurants ive been too. i was seriously blown away. the boys in my group really did a good job at trying to impress us girls, and they did.
after the dance, (which wasnt amazing) we went to yogurt bliss right by maceys and then went to redbox to get a movie. we rented the movie called date night and i laughed really hard. its probably because i was really tired when we were watching it so everything was funny to me. i ended my night at 1:30 am and i had a great night.
thank you mitch.

oh p.s. the highlight of my whole entire weekend was dancing with some of the kids from my peer tutor class at the dance. when i saw trenton in his suit, it honestly brought tears to my eyes. that kid is so adorable. i danced with rileigh, jordan, trent, and nathan. seeing them so happy, made me so happy. those kids are so cute. they have honestly changed my life.

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caihay said...

melia, thank you so much, you are so sweet. I'm real sad i didn't see you at the dance but from your pictures i can tell you looked gorgeous!!! i love your dress!