i just need to take a friggin' break from my homework. i have a huge project to do for english its worth about 4328904823904892304823 points so ive been working on it all day so i get a good score. and plus im listening to my music which probably doesnt help with getting anything done. plus im talking on facebook wich doesnt help either.
i love my young womens. you know that? i really do. we dont call our leaders with all that "sister" crap. we call them on a first name basis! we go over to our leaders houses and just hang out for fun. when were bored we call up our leaders and go to their houses. i look forward to girls camp all year round because our ward is serously the most fun. we have so many inside jokes with our leaders, except half of them cant be repeated because they are not apropriate. whoops. no one in our stake can take our ward seriously, and you know what? im perfectly fine with that because we have more fun. i love my leaders so much, especially my laurel leaders. they are the absolute best. every year at girls camp all the laurels sit around the fire with the leaders untill 3 or 4 in the morning. and we talk about everything under the sun. to our first kiss, to heart break, to our worst fears & most embarassing moment. i look to my leaders like a 2nd mom. especially shauna and jeanette.

"the president" is what we call her. when we need her attention, we yell president and she turns right around. she always says stuff like "get out of my way im the president." sometimes shauna acts like shes queen, and the queen gets what she wants. shauna loves her laurels so much and i can tell by the way she talks to us and about us. shes over the laurels, mia-maids and beehives, but she loves her laurels the most. she is always so worried about us and whats going on in our lifes. she loves to talk with us about absolutely anything. shauna is so real and down to earth. me and the laurels have one favorite inside joke with shauna but i cant repeat that on blogger. im laughing just typing about it. oh jeez, sometimes i wonder about the president. she has the cutest little kids. shauna is willing to do anything for the young women. she loves us like her own kids.
"jap slap"
yes, my president is partially japenese. we are so racist. the term "jap slap" actually came from another leader. were so nice to each other, cant you tell?

jeanette is my other laurel leader. and she is so funny. sometimes she acts like one of us girls, but thats okay we still accept her. sometimes i call up jeanette when shes not at young womens to see where shes at. oh yes, i have every one of my leaders numbers in my phone. and yes, we do text all the time. she is so sweet, and cares about everyone. jeanette and her husband joe, make my heart melt. jeanette is so in love with joe. they were married and sealed in the temple only 10 years ago. she still acts as if they are newly weds, and i absolutely love it. they are so cute together. it gives me hope that i wont grow old and wrinkly and not have a cute fairy tale story with my husband. because jeanette does have a fairy tale story. i can tell when she talks about "her sweet joe" that she is in love like it was just yesterday they were married. it is so sweet. joe treats her like a princess and i hope my husband does that one day too. i love jeanette.

my laurel leaders are like best friends to me.
and i think everyone else in laurels would agree.
we always have the best times together. i know girls camp
is a long ways away, but im already counting down.
laurels is one big party. with a little bit of the gospel on the side.

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