palm tree!

happy birthday, to my one and only big brother palmer.
big 19!

some things i like about palmer.
he is the only one that laughs at my jokes.
when i make fun of mom or dad, he laughs.
he is my ride buddy at disneyland.
i love when hes trying not to laugh and his shoulders just shrug up and down.
i love his laugh. you should hear it, its pretty funny.
he taught me the tricks, cheats & short cuts to every nintendo game.
he has a nintendo party at my house every once in a while
he has nice hair.
he is blunt and strait foward.
he is going on a mission in a few months.
he is very good at snowboarding and skateboarding
he makes his own longboards from scratch
he dated eva the chezch.
"for eva and eva"

well i love you brother.  

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mardiiiii said...

oh your such a good sister. HAHAHA
happy birthday to him!