paranormal activity

shannons house is haunted, its a true story.
as me and her were watching the office in the basement
the basement door came open, all by its self.
i watched with my own two eyes.
i also heard with my own two ears.
i promise the door was shut nice n' tight because i kicked the door with my foot to make sure it clicked shut, because me and shannon are OCD about having that basement door shut when we are down there.
mind you me and shannon were the only ones home.
anyways the door came open, it didnt swing open but just opened nice and easy, probably open about a foot.
my heart stopped beating basically. i looked at shannon and i said "did you just see that"
and there was probably no blood in shannons face.
okay lets back track for a minute. before the door came open by its self me and shannon were in the middle of watching an episode of the office. as me and shannon were watching the tv it all the sudden turned off. no, the power did not go out. me and shannon tried to turn it back on multiple times. the light would flash to tell us that it was turning back on, but a picture never came on the screen. so fast forward again to when the door came open. it was freaky because the tv just magically stopped and then while we were trying to fix the tv the door came open by its self.
no doubt that me and shannon went up stairs after that.
anyways i got a call from shannon about an hour ago saying that her, her mom and bishop were eating dinner and while they were eating they heard someone humming from the basement. and my bishop is not a liar, so i darn well believe that there was some humming in that basement.
lets just say im totally creeped and i'll probably never go in the basement again.

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