picture this

please, for just a second, picture this with me.
first of all, i know most of you dont like country, but for this you just need to listen.
listen to this song. its bueno.
now imagine,
sitting next to the love of your life
(a cowboy) driving up the canyon in his truck, with the
leaf colors changing with the windows down and the cool crisp air is coming through the windows
 while you let your hair loose. this song is playing on the stereo
as loud as it can go, and just singing your heart out while your
holding the hand of your prince charming.
maybe your even wearing his jacket.

the picture might be a little different to you, but thats how it is for me. becuase i love anything country and the outdoors. i also love that song and i love dean brody's angel-like voice.

oooh my gosh. 

wrangler butts drive me nutts!

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