scary stuff

alright alright alright. tonight i went on kind of my first official "date." except it was a blind date. except we weren't paired off but for some reason me and this kid named chase were on a "date". man oh man he was freaking cute. we went to nightmare on 13th and of course i acted super scared so i could get a chance to get close to him. he smelt so darn good. anyways it was a really fun night and after nightmare on 13th we went to JCW's to get some delicious burgers. all in all it was a great night.
in the pictures i show you my date was the first one on the left.
you should definatley click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see his face.
he should be a model. 
yes my date is the one in the white shirt and leather jacket.
what a babe.
it was fun.

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caihay said...

he is indeed a babe.