not like any of this really matters...

i never really was a reader, in fact i hated books most my life. i don't know what got into me but for the last few months ive loved everything about reading. just call me the little book worm. seriously i waisted so much time doing nothing when i could have been reading. i love books. last night i just barely finished the 2nd book of the hunger games. oh my gosh im in love. and you better not spoil the last book for me, because that's an automatic death wish (:
for those of you who have read the hunger games, you probably are all aware that peeta is the sexiest most romantic thing to walk this earth. that is why me and shannon are going to make shirts that say "team peeta." lets forget gale, hes so lame. just go for peeta, he stole my heart. man i wish he was real. but anyways this has nothing to pertain to anything. does that sentence even make sense?

what im really talking about is the crazy madness that is going to take place this next month.
first off, my mom is already so busy taking care of all my brothers mission stuff like buying all the junk you need (which is a lot) and making final arrangements. my brothers fair well is on the 19th, and we have a load of family coming to stay with us at OUR house. theres going to be like 25 people under this roof. then on the 20th of december, the day after the fair well we are leaving to california for christmas. bad idea, because now we have to hurry and get all of our christmas stuff together right after my family left. so then we are going to california for a few days, only like 5. which im way peeved about. and then we are coming home and then were going to have to prepare for palmer to leave on his mission. he is leaving on the 5th of january. include all the doctor visits and appointments this month and ive got  some pretty crazy weeks ahead of me. im already stressed about this month and the weight isnt even on my shoulders. i feel worse for my  mom. and on another note, im really not ready to say goodbye to palmer for two years. he is my only sibling and its going to be so weird not seeing him for two years. im really sad about it, but im not really talking about it because i don't want to think about it yet.

thats all.


the big one hundred!

dear bloggers, this is my 100th post. can we scream and do a little dance? yeah i think so.
to celebrate, id like to have you all listen to this most wonderful song. its been in my head
all day, but its so great i need to share it with you. its taken from the beatles. anyways,
take a gander at it.

oh p.s. if any of you know my brother palmer clegg, he is having his mission farewell
on the 19th of december at 9. please come!
Northfield Stake Center
105 W. 1800 N.
Pleasant Grove, UT
(its the brown brick building between discovery park & manila elementary)
my stud of a brother, palmer


funny quotes from this splendid weekend.

"are you underwater? do you need a lifeguard?! because im certified!"

"are you being abducted? is there paranormal activity going on"

"now if only there was a person in a motorized wheelchair"

"dont tell anyone, but we just went 100mph"

"shes going to be feisty when she grows up"

"boys, cute boys"

"in the auto part of walmart, ya know? actually i have no idea what your talking about"

"i hate brecken, you should have dumped him first"

"you change the diaper, its your baby"

"i pay you to be my wife anyways"

"thats what she said" x100000

"im just tickled to have ya"

lots of thats what she said jokes, a few swear words, and lots of laughs.
thanksgiving 2010 you were a good one.


turkey day madness

i may or may not have ridden a bullet bike going 100 mph. if i did, lets not tell my mom.
actually, i really did. and it was amazingly fun. the adrenaline rush was amazing. except for it
was pretty freaking cold outside. it was great, but don't fret i had a helmet on.
this thanksgiving was exceptionally great. thanksgiving feast was the bomb, of course. i ate so much i really thought if i moved i was going to explode. i had to kinda sit on the couch for a few hours. after we played "fat dog" for a while we looked at the adds for black friday. its almost a tradition in our family. we sit around the dinner table and pass around the adds and make a game plan for the black friday madness. my parents and brother were party  poopers and went home before the real fun began, but i ended up staying at my cousins house over night and pretty much spent the night shopping. 
after we ate delicious dessert, Shaun took me on his bullet bike all around st george. it was seriously the best thing of my life. i had never been on a motorcycle before let alone going 100 mph. after the most amazing ride ever, me, my cousins, and friends played games until midnight. once midnight came around we all packed up our stuff and headed out for the long night of shopping. first we hit old navy, then walmart. walmart was pure chaos i tell you, CHAOS! after walmart we hit ross, and kohls. by that time it was about 2 in the morning. then it was time for bed. it was well worth it. i so love black friday. i also love thanksgiving with my whole  heart.  
today, was not quite as fun but still good. my whole dads side of my family went to get family pictures taken but it was too cold outside so everyone ended up in a bad mood. after pictures we went to pizza factory. its not easy trying to get a table for 20 people. pizza factory sucked too. there was a big soccer team next to us and they were probably the age of 7. they were so noisy and rude i seriously wanted to smack them. and their parents were no where to be found. they were breaking the wooden sticks their bread sticks came on, dancing on the tables, screaming, playing drums with their silver wear, spilling drinks everywhere... gosh i have a headache thinking about it. i gave them the evil death glare a few times and it worked for a second. now im going to see 'arry potta at 9:15 for the second time and im just as excited as i was the first time i saw it.

lets just say, st george never fails to disappoint and i always have the best time when im here.
i love my dads side of the family & the humor that they have.


turkey day!

im off to st george for a weekend of crazy fun.
i even get to ride a bullet bike tomorrow. am i excited? yes sir.
this weekend i will probably see harry potter again, go midnight disco bowling, party with the men from dixie college, ride a bullet bike, stuff my face, almost get killed during black friday, stay up all night for black friday, get family pictures taken with my dads side of the family, go to the christmas expo and did i say eat alot?
im oh so excited.
my dads side of the family is crazy, this is going to be fun.
hopefully i don't die on those treturous roads to st george.
well see you all later.

and be very thankful this week and eat lots and lots!

snow and sorts

while everyone was cooped up inside because of this "hazardous" blizzard of the century, sitting at home bolting their windows shut and stocking up on food, i was not. no not i, i was out doing doughnuts, like every other teenager should have been doing. there may have not been much snow in pleasant grove but lehi is a whole different story. we were out there in the church parking lots spinnin' like crazy. screw the blizzard it makes perfect weather for some good fun. man oh man i sure do love them country boys that have their big 4 wheel drive trucks. makes it perfect for doughnuts. while we were in the parking lot one of the kids i was with thought it would be a good idea to get out of the truck and see how icy it was- long story short he fell flat on his face. probably the funniest thing of my life. now now, the news is just over reacting to all of this. they are acting like its armageddon or something. its not like we haven't seen snow before. get out and live a little bit, your only young once. didnt they say we were going to have 2 feet of snow with no visability? well im pretty sure they are wrong because there is nothing but clear skies right now. so everyone ,get out and do some dang doughnuts!


newsies & other odd things.

i think he is so cute, ive always loved christian bale but i really love the character he plays in newsies. there is something about newsies but every time i watch it im in the best mood. i sing along to every song, yes i do.
my favorite songs are the world will know & santa fe.
so i guess this kinda goes along with what im grateful for. im going to make a list since it only seems appropriate with thanksgiving being this week. this might be a long list so no need to read all of it.
cell phone
fresh crayons
new cd's
my ipod
country music
cowboy hats
big mud trucks
dodge cummins
hot chocolate
campfires in the mountains
mudding/diggin/off roading
Jesus. yes i do like him.
my brother
my house
harry potter series
new born babys
hot boys
8 second rides
summer time
handicapt kids
my peer tutor class
wendys dollar menu
walkers gas station
mountain dew
steak and potatoes
sour gummy crawlers
my jeep
"new car sent" air freshners
the beach/tanning
surfing/boogie boarding
the gym
shannon harris
angela larsen
a clean room
cute clothes
my grandpas classic cars
kelby and her wildness
ellie & claire
country concerts
the movie cars
the smell of diesel/ rain
hot guys that drive big trucks
sleeping in
the bahamas
washington dc.

okay my list is good for now.


what on earth.

some people. i just don't understand. why do some think its okay to belittle others? i simply do not understand. i don't understand why some people think they are so much better than everyone else, almost thinking that they deserve to be treated like royalty. i don't get why someone would rather say something mean, than give a smile. i know for sure that id much rather hear a nice hello, or a smile than a "your looking fat and ugly today" (no i didn't get that comment today, im just using an example.) i don't get why people think its okay to make fun of others because they enjoy other things than you do. isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion? i don't understand why people make fun of handicapt people, it literally makes me want to cry. i think its the most horrible thing when people go out of their way to avoid a handicapt kid. how rude. when i take my peer tutor class to lunch i practically see it every day. it breaks my heart for them. it hurts when they want a high five and a student at our school will simply ignore them because they are scared to give them a high five. that is what i call pure ignorance right there. its sad that people cant keep a thought to them self, or a rude comment. some people don't have a filter on their mouths. and i know, im not saying im perfect either. i cant say that ive never said a mean thing in my life. its sad that people have to make fun of others to make them feel good about themselves. i feel better about myself when im nice to others, not rude. so how bout next time instead of saying a rude belittling comment, lets just say something nice and smile. okay deal. and please, if you ever see a handicapt student in the halls at school go ahead and give them a high five, you will seriously make their day.


freaking cute

ISNT SHE ADORABLE!! this is my cousin chris' baby ava.
she just turned one years old this week.
im so excited to go spend all of next week with them
& the rest of my dads side in st george!

its over

jimmie johnson just accomplished his "drive for 5"
yep thats right. jimmie johnson just won his 5th consecutive sprint cup title.
im mad. i dislike jimmie johnson very much.
i wish i was jimmie johnson. he just got a check that had
5.7 million dollars on it. just for ONE stinkin race.
okay im done rambling.
the 2010 nascar season ended today and im pretty sad.
now i have nothing to do on sunday afternoons until next february.
bring it on 2011, im so ready for you.
and thank you 2010 season, you were good to me
you will be missed until next year.

oh and dale jr, im really sick of you sucking so bad.
you havent won a dang race in years. im going to find
a new driver to follow if you arnt any better next season.


let the end begin.

my love for harry potter doubled in this movie.
oh how i wish i could just hug him. it looks so nice and inviting.
lets just say my biological time clock is all sorts of messed up right now.
pulling an all nighter than taking a 7 hour nap and waking up at 9:00 pm.
i don't know if i should be tired or awake.
this movie was oh so good.
man i just wish i was dating daniel radcliffe. he is my dream man right now.
i thought i was having signs of a stroke last night, for real. i was so tired i could hardly stay awake so i did what any other teenager would do, down energy drinks. and so i did. i had one to many and it felt like my heart was going to blow up. my fingers went numb and my feet were numb and my arms were tingly. i could honestly feel the caffeine pulsing through my veins and i thought my heart was going to rupture is was going so fast. now i know that's not a good thing. but its okay, you gotta live your life to the fullest and i didn't die. i was on a caffeine high until about 11:00 this morning. and then in 3rd period i crashed. i fell asleep in my 3rd & 4th period classes. i came home and i slept for six hours. im still exhausted.
so i watched harry potter 4, 5 & 6 yesterday while i was waiting to see the new one at 3:30am.
i got ready for the day at midnight last night, left the house at one thirty and waited in line for another two hours. then the movie got out at 6:00am this morning and i went to dennys for breakfast. there was a time in dennys that i was laughing so hard because of the caffine/no sleep i honestly thought i was going to fall over dead because i couldnt breathe. then i went straight to school. i was running on pure caffeine on that point and i honestly felt like my head and heart were going to explode. my head has been so groggy and slow all day. i cant tell you how many times ive written something back words, spelt something wrong, or ran into a something. i actually walked straight into a wall during 2nd period.
going to movies at 3 in the morning doesn't do good things to you, but it sure is fun.

just dont ever buy enery drinks. i almost started a severe addiction last night.



ive honestly had a crush on harry potter since the first movie came out.
everyone always made fun of me but i cant help it, daniel radcliffe is such a babe.

i really cant help myself. id totally date him.
now im going to take a nap because im going to
be up the rest of the night because my tickets are for 3:30am.
ill get out around 6:00 am and ill go to breakfast and then school.

if i look stoned, drunk or high tomorrow im not really, im just exousted.


the chamber of secrets

i know everyone is seeing 'arry potta at exactly midnight.
no, not me. i will be seeing it at 3:30 in the AM.
how about that?
the movie, then breakfast and then school.
thats right, im going to pull an all nighter on thursday.
alls i need is some energy drinks and wendys.
its going to be good fun.

today i made my christmas list. wanna hear? sure you do.
new phone
pink cabelas hoodie found here
euphoria perfume
the stuff i asked for off nascar. com which includes jacket and hat.
black sparkly toms found here

anyways. this weekend is going to be a long one.
oh and just to let you know i have successfully watched every harry potter
this week so im prepaired for the new one. im so dang excited.

i love handicapt people, you know that?



well most of you know i love nascar. and thats the reason why the title of my blog looks the way it does.
i mostly started this blog in the first place to talk about nascar but that rarely happens but today im going to talk about  nascar. if  its going to bore you then no need to read any further.
today in peer tutor the lesson was on nascar, i was so shocked. but i was also so happy. i had so many things to share and tell them about nascar it was really awesome. of course i told them about my old best friend that got me into nascar in the first place and how me and him used to watch every race together. i just was in my happy spot and it was a really good day for me in peer tutor.
so today we read "news-2-you" jimmie johnson edition. news-2- you is the news paper for kids in my peer tutor class its just been made easier for them to understand. so today im going to share with you news-2-you from peer tutor. hopefully you can understand more about nascar. now the article is mostly focused on jimmie johnson, whom i hate. but i gotta give him props, hes a way good driver. so anyways here it goes.

"The Sprint Cup will be awarded on November 21. The Cup will go to NASCAR's 2010 champion. One NASCAR driver, Jimmie Johnson, is the man to beat. Jimmie could win his fifth cup this year.* NASCAR ias 36 Sprint Cup races each year. The races are on a different track each week. Twenty tracks are oval tracks, two tracks are road tracks. Some tracks are short and some are long. NASCAR racing begins in february. 43 drivers race in each race. Each race car has a number and special paint. Sprint Cup cars are made by: Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota or Ford. The last ten races are called the "Chase for the Cup" (or we just call it the chase) The 12 best drivers race for the points in the chase. The Chase driver with the most points is the Sprint Cup Champion. The last race is the championship race. Once again, Jimmie Johnson is the favorite to win. (NOT MINE!) "

"PIT CREW: Every NASCAR driver has a pit crew. The 7 person pit crew helps during the race. During the race, the cars need tires and gasoline. The driver drives his car into the "pit area." Then the pit crew goes to work. The Crew: changes tiers, gasses the car, cleans the windshield (adjusts the chassy) and more. The 'pit stops' are short, 12-16 seconds. The best pit crews are the fastest pit crews. a quick pit stop puts the driver back in the race."

*yes jimmie could win a cup this year, but denny hamlin is above him in points.

and there you have it folks, nascar for people who know nothing about it. and i thought this was appropriate because the nascar season is over in 2 races which im pretty sad about. in 2 weeks i will see if jimmie actually takes another championship, making that 5 in a row. jimmie is the first man ever to get 4 in a row. lets hope he doesnt get 5. in two weeks it will all be over. did you know nascar has the longest running season of all sports?

bring it on homestead, im ready for the race.
oh man, homestead  is going to be SO intense.
oh yeah, homestead is the last race of the season fyi. (its pretty important to us redneck folks)


courage reins

guys i am so excited i honestly can not hide it, one bit.
i never have anything to do and im always so bored, i really have no life.
so im going to start volunteering at a place called courage reins.
courage reins is a place where handicapt kids go to learn to ride horses.
what could be better honestly?
your combining my 3 favorite things- disabled kids, the outdoors and helping others.
i honestly can not wait to start.
and who cares that im not getting paid to do it?
im doing something i love so i don't need to be paid.
in fact, i don't want to be paid for helping these kids. i really want to do it just for the feeling i get when im around those people. there is really nothing more special than being with disabled people

the funny thing is, i was pretty much forced to take peer tutor.
it was never on my schedule and i never planned to take it.  but when sign ups started there was no other classes left. i was left with peer tutor or p.e. so i took peer tutor going out on a limb. and you know what? it was the best mishap that ever happened to me. peer tutor is the greatest class ive ever taken. ive learned so much about myself, and those kids while taking that class. it is now obvious to me that god had a part in this. he made it so all the other classes were full so i was forced to take peer tutor. god knew that i would love kids with disabilities so he made it happen for me. what an amazing person god is.
people with disabilities are just as amazing. i love them all.

your future is as bright as your faith

im stuck on 8 followers. forever. if you read my blog and your scared to join, please do. you would make my day (:

church was good today. especially sacrament meeting.
there was 16 people in my sunday school class. did we learn? sort of.
most of the lesson was spent eating chips and salsa. oh how i love my sunday school teacher.

for young womens we talked about talents.
people wrote this about me.

"loves cowboys. cool blonde streak. has long eyelashes. and skinny legs. vince loves you"
that was from shannon of course.
"redneck! excited for jason aldean, rodeos all next summer!"
"yw's every week buddies! i love you, your're the best!"
"very easy to talk to and loves the people shes around"
"melia is really funny and makes lessons entertaining"
"you are so cool. smart and fiercly independent"
"outgoing and very fun"
"such a funny sense of humor"

ya know, it really makes people smile when you give them compliments or
tell them something nice. so im going to try to start being more nice to everyone
and telling them nice things about them, and really mean it.


je ne parle pas tres bien francais

and ive been speaking it for a whole two years.
some days i hate french.

aint that the truth?


take a step back

today has been an off day.
jordan, in my peer tutor class got a 4.0 gpa. im proud of him, thats better than i did.
today i went to 2 different malls with my mom and grandma. i got some nifty new clothes.
some grey cords
a shirt from express
a sweater from maceys
and a cargo jacket from dillards

today i was walking around the mall with my jeans tucked into my cowboy boots.
everyone stared at me, gave me dirty looks and then i got crap from my mom for watching nascar.
well great, i couldn't be more proud to wear what i wear and like what i like.
that's what i like about those country folks. they don't judge, they are all laid back and so nice.
people in the city are so up tight and always on a schedule and if someone doesn't look high class they
automatically think less of them.
today i couldn't of been more happy to be wearing cowboy boots. im glad that i have the personality that i do. im glad that i love the country. sometimes people from the city are so buggy, some things they do are so ridiculous. today i literally saw barbie. she looked so fake. and i thought how sad that she couldn't accept herself so she changed so everybody else would accept her. its sad that she was so insecure that she let everyone else in the world rule what she looked like. its sad. and that's why i love the country. they accept you for who you are. and no you don't have to wear boots or a buckle to be one of them. they will take you for who you are, cowgirl or not. country people get the short end of the stick, they get looked down on because they are the "blue collared workers". but hey, at least they have a great time doing it. city people are so caught up in what they are doing they cant just take a step back and realize all the simple and wonderful things in life. if ya'll are caught up in your jobs and careers your not going to enjoy life. when your in the country time just seems to stop, and that's what makes it great.
so sure, look down on me for wearing boots or watching nascar, but i couldn't be more happy with what im doing and im proud of it.

and p.s. me watching nascar has nothing to do with that redneck cliche. i watch it because i honestly enjoy it.


hank williams jr

i have two friends.

and when neither of them are at school it makes for a terrible day. i dont think ive ever been so bored in my whole entire life. i just wanted to sleep in all my classes. and guess what? neither of them are going to be at school tomorrow either. i was in such a bad mood all day. to make things worse, i invited a kid to come with me to lunch. he said okay and we had it all planned out, like where to meet and stuff. well it came to lunch and he never met me. so i just left. then a few minutes later i got a call from him hes like "hey im just going to take a rain check on this one." what a jerk face. im never asking him to hang out with me again. so needless to say i was in a pretty dumpy mood the whole day. but during 4th period my mood was turned right around. mr cacey came into class with his cowboy boots, cowboy hat, wranglers and chaps on. it put the biggest smile on my face. i cant help it but that guy is so hot. SO HOT. he even brought in his ropes and saddles. man, he really knows the way to my heart. then after school was over, i passed cacey on state street. and of course he was still wearing his cowboy gear. it really made me smile. darn, only if i was older.
its funny how a little stupid thing can turn your whole day around.


tootsie pops.

mayonnaise. its such a funny word.
every time i say it or think about it i laugh.
isn't it just an awkward word? i think its awkward to say.
me and my friends always get into fights about which is the correct way to say it.
even the word miracle whip makes me laugh. i have a smile on my face right now.
okay. but really? isn't it just awkward? try to say mayonnaise next time your talking to your friends
and not feel dumb.

okay that had nothing to do with anything.

today my french teacher, mr burnah totally called me out in the middle of class.
he said "melia, i know its already half way sucked, but next time no candy in my classroom.
it just makes a mess of everything"
EXCUSE ME!? its a sucker. im 16 i think i can handle a sucker.
its not like im going to leave my trash everywhere and get my goopy sticky spit all over the desk.
i guess im not old or mature enough to handle a sucker.

christmas is in 44 days. hope your all getting your presents ready.


nasty habits.

biting your nails is the worst habit ever. if you ha vent started it already, please spare yourself and don't ever start. i have always chewed my nails. not because im nervous or anything, i just do. i don't really have a good reason except for it really bugs me when my nails are too long. its really a disgusting and terrible habit i know. anyways its so painful, i don't understand why i do it because i know its going to cause me pain afterwords. i guess its just that quick satisfaction i get when  biting my nail. oh the natural man in us is so stupid. i wish i still had my braces on sometimes because when i had braces i wasn't able to chew my nails and i went a good three years without biting them ever. of course the second i get my braces off im  back to biting them again. shows what years and years of habits do to you. well now im sitting here typing this and it hurts super bad because i have bitten my nails so low, they are now bleeding. this was a really painful post.
i need to stop biting my nails.

what are your habits?


144 bpm

*this post is absolutley pointless
my peer tutor teacher is engaged. hip hip hoooooray. i think i saw that one coming.
tonight, i went to the gym. i peddled my little bum 9 miles on the bike, then ran two on the treadmil.
then i took a trip to the local walkers and no, i didnt get a mountain dew. i got a gatorade.
i am so proud of myself.
i love the gym lots. you can find me there e'ry night.
good news, i like this kid named klin, as a friend. and i have class with him tomorrow. im excited.
tonight someone told me i looked hot in my workout clothes. i think they were serious. 
so anyways. i have this real big addiction to disneyland. everything about it.
ive had seasons passes there for three years and im in love.
ive gone too many times to count, ever since i was a wee little one ive been going.
most of my favorite family memories take place at that magical kingdom.
and im going back there in july! except for this time im staying in the disneyland hotel
which is going to be so awesome. im excited.
the negative part about it is that palmer will not be there due to his mission so i will not have a ride buddy.
consider me the lone rider.
wow this was such a lame post.
y'all have a goodnight.

lets go to the movies.

i love movies oh so much. and i have quite a few favorites.

talladega nights
this is my all time favorite movie, combining nascar and will ferrel was the best invention ever.
i can quote every line from this movie. "if you aint first your last"

the brothers grimm
i doubt many of you have heard of this one. but it has heath ledger
and one of the hottest guys ever, gordon levitt. (hot one in inception)
oh baby, i love this movie. its about all of the fairy tales that the grimm brothers
made up. it is pure genius.

the hangover
good memories is all i can say. me and all my friends
quote this one alot. "how dare you! shes a nice lady!"

dumb and dumber
what a classic. this one never gets old and im always in the mood
to watch this good ol' movie.
"hey you wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"

secondhand lions
this movie is so good and always leaves me with a smile on my face.
a little bit of humor, a little bit of romance and a little bit of action.
how i like it.

monsters inc.
tell me, how could you not like mike wazowski and sully?

you cant say that you dont know the words...
"lets get down to business, to defeat the huns."
i know you've sung it before.

super troopers
this is probably another one that you've never seen before. but its hilarious.
ive really got a thing for funny movies and its about cops which makes it even better.
"uhm yeah can i get a burger and a liter of cola?"
trust me you wouldn't think that's funny unless you've seen it.

the goonies
ah, one of the best ever. i used to own a goonies shirt.
"aww thats my moms favorite part!"
if you guys haven't seen the goonies, well then...

ferris buellers day off
this movie is great. so typical of high school students
anyways. i watch this movie all the time and i still find it hilarious.

the breakfast club
well obviously were getting back into the 80's here
but i seriously love this movie. at first i thought it was
super boring and pointless but now i want to watch it all the time.

last but not least,

moulin rouge
ewin mcgregor is my favorite actor ever and lets not forget that he is super good looking.
i can sing every song word for word in this movie.
i love everything about it. its such a chick flick but its soooo good.
i have the soundtrack on my ipod and i love to belt the songs
when im driving.

oh and im way excited for the movie country strong to come out, its right up my alley.

OH WAIT you cant forget

blades of glory
i have a thing with will ferrel if you cant tell.


yep were family

and we are happy family!
thanks to wendy and her husband tyler
at bluelily photography for these amazing photos

i stole this.

from another blog. its called the picture challange.

1- A picture of yourself with fifteen facts
2- A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest
3 - A picture of your favorite memory
4 - A picture of your most treasured item
5- A picture that makes you laugh
6 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most
7 - A picture of something you hate
8- A picture of something you love
9 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without
10 - A picture of something you want to do before you die
11 - A picture of someone who inspires you
12 - A picture of yourself and a family member
13 - A picture that can always make you smile
14 - A picture of someone you miss

my middle name is elise- i dont like it.
im always cold
i love handicapt people
i hate math oh so much
i love country music
i have one sibling
im allergic to cats, yet i own one.
i hate chinese food
if i could eat steak and potatoes forever, i would.
im going to marry a cowboy.
all together, i have 8 cousins.
i go to the gym every night
i love bananas
i wear cowboy boots every day.
i love everything about california from the beach to disneyland

my right hand woman, angie.

sorry, but i could never choose a favorite memory.
if i had to choose my favorite time of my life
it would be summer of 09 or the beginning of my sophomore year.

my family is my most treasured item.

this makes me laugh, because kelsie could always make me laugh

my mommy has gotten me through the most, shes always here for me.

i absolutely hate the witch from snow white, she is so scary.

i love dodge trucks, this one is my dream truck right here.

i couldnt imagine life without angie, we've been friends since 7th grade.

most people want to skydive before they die, not me, i want to go to a nascar race

people like this inspire me.

this is my one and only brother, palmer. he is gong
on a mission on january 5th.

this picture always, without a doubt, makes me smile.
this guy period makes me smile.

i miss this the most. id do anything to have my
life back to how it used to be. miss you joshers.


people are sweet.

i usually don't feel bad for homeless people because half of the time they are homeless is because of choices they made. I'm not saying that all homeless people make terrible choices or are bad people. but i think most of the time they are the ones that put them selfs in that situation.
today i saw a homeless man that was at the corner of walmart right across from walkers gas station. he looked kind of sad, and he looked worse-off than most homeless people usually do. i  started to feel bad for this guy. i was waiting at the light in the left turn lane and i was just kind of  watching him. he looked like he was about to burst into tears. something was obviously on his mind. i wish i could of got out and given him money but there were cars coming and i didn't want to get hit. well as i was sitting waiting for the turning signal to change, a car that was in the right turning lane hurried and stopped, rolled down their window and handed him a bag of McDonalds and a big drink. i was almost shocked. how sweet of those people to bring him food. the homeless guy then went to his piece of grass, sat back down and he started to cry. but this time i knew he was crying tears of joy and thanks. i wanted to give him a hug and tell him things would be okay.
i knew that he didn't have much, but today mcdonalds was enough for him.

and whoever that guy was in the car, you are cool.


lifes short.

rest in paradise blake.
you are loved and missed.

my heart hurts for his family and his little brother brandon.
i'll be seeing you in another life bud.


my kinda party

whoop de whoop whoop!
 one of my favorite country singers came out with a new album today. as you all should know... and guess who got it? yeah thats right i did. his name is jason aldean and his new album is called my kinda party. i whole heartedly plan on attending his 2011 tour. i just might add that every one of his songs on his album relates to me in some way, this just might be the album that gets me over that one boy. ya know.. everyone has an album or song that got them through something hard. but i think i got myself a keeper here.
 it takes me back to alot of good memories and i like it that way. i can relate to about every song on this cd. its so great.