144 bpm

*this post is absolutley pointless
my peer tutor teacher is engaged. hip hip hoooooray. i think i saw that one coming.
tonight, i went to the gym. i peddled my little bum 9 miles on the bike, then ran two on the treadmil.
then i took a trip to the local walkers and no, i didnt get a mountain dew. i got a gatorade.
i am so proud of myself.
i love the gym lots. you can find me there e'ry night.
good news, i like this kid named klin, as a friend. and i have class with him tomorrow. im excited.
tonight someone told me i looked hot in my workout clothes. i think they were serious. 
so anyways. i have this real big addiction to disneyland. everything about it.
ive had seasons passes there for three years and im in love.
ive gone too many times to count, ever since i was a wee little one ive been going.
most of my favorite family memories take place at that magical kingdom.
and im going back there in july! except for this time im staying in the disneyland hotel
which is going to be so awesome. im excited.
the negative part about it is that palmer will not be there due to his mission so i will not have a ride buddy.
consider me the lone rider.
wow this was such a lame post.
y'all have a goodnight.

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