the chamber of secrets

i know everyone is seeing 'arry potta at exactly midnight.
no, not me. i will be seeing it at 3:30 in the AM.
how about that?
the movie, then breakfast and then school.
thats right, im going to pull an all nighter on thursday.
alls i need is some energy drinks and wendys.
its going to be good fun.

today i made my christmas list. wanna hear? sure you do.
new phone
pink cabelas hoodie found here
euphoria perfume
the stuff i asked for off nascar. com which includes jacket and hat.
black sparkly toms found here

anyways. this weekend is going to be a long one.
oh and just to let you know i have successfully watched every harry potter
this week so im prepaired for the new one. im so dang excited.

i love handicapt people, you know that?

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