courage reins

guys i am so excited i honestly can not hide it, one bit.
i never have anything to do and im always so bored, i really have no life.
so im going to start volunteering at a place called courage reins.
courage reins is a place where handicapt kids go to learn to ride horses.
what could be better honestly?
your combining my 3 favorite things- disabled kids, the outdoors and helping others.
i honestly can not wait to start.
and who cares that im not getting paid to do it?
im doing something i love so i don't need to be paid.
in fact, i don't want to be paid for helping these kids. i really want to do it just for the feeling i get when im around those people. there is really nothing more special than being with disabled people

the funny thing is, i was pretty much forced to take peer tutor.
it was never on my schedule and i never planned to take it.  but when sign ups started there was no other classes left. i was left with peer tutor or p.e. so i took peer tutor going out on a limb. and you know what? it was the best mishap that ever happened to me. peer tutor is the greatest class ive ever taken. ive learned so much about myself, and those kids while taking that class. it is now obvious to me that god had a part in this. he made it so all the other classes were full so i was forced to take peer tutor. god knew that i would love kids with disabilities so he made it happen for me. what an amazing person god is.
people with disabilities are just as amazing. i love them all.

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Shelbie said...

I love that place! It is amazing and you will meet the most amazing people!