funny quotes from this splendid weekend.

"are you underwater? do you need a lifeguard?! because im certified!"

"are you being abducted? is there paranormal activity going on"

"now if only there was a person in a motorized wheelchair"

"dont tell anyone, but we just went 100mph"

"shes going to be feisty when she grows up"

"boys, cute boys"

"in the auto part of walmart, ya know? actually i have no idea what your talking about"

"i hate brecken, you should have dumped him first"

"you change the diaper, its your baby"

"i pay you to be my wife anyways"

"thats what she said" x100000

"im just tickled to have ya"

lots of thats what she said jokes, a few swear words, and lots of laughs.
thanksgiving 2010 you were a good one.

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