hank williams jr

i have two friends.

and when neither of them are at school it makes for a terrible day. i dont think ive ever been so bored in my whole entire life. i just wanted to sleep in all my classes. and guess what? neither of them are going to be at school tomorrow either. i was in such a bad mood all day. to make things worse, i invited a kid to come with me to lunch. he said okay and we had it all planned out, like where to meet and stuff. well it came to lunch and he never met me. so i just left. then a few minutes later i got a call from him hes like "hey im just going to take a rain check on this one." what a jerk face. im never asking him to hang out with me again. so needless to say i was in a pretty dumpy mood the whole day. but during 4th period my mood was turned right around. mr cacey came into class with his cowboy boots, cowboy hat, wranglers and chaps on. it put the biggest smile on my face. i cant help it but that guy is so hot. SO HOT. he even brought in his ropes and saddles. man, he really knows the way to my heart. then after school was over, i passed cacey on state street. and of course he was still wearing his cowboy gear. it really made me smile. darn, only if i was older.
its funny how a little stupid thing can turn your whole day around.


caihay said...

oh, i saw him today and i thought he was real dashing. usually i don't, but with that cowboy gear... why was he wearing it?

melia said...

ha i always think he is cute! but he was wearing it today because we were talking about the wild west and cowboys in history, so of course he had to show off a little bit.